Is MM unlocked on your next playthrough?

I’m not referring to TVHM. I mean starting a new character and doing new game. I’m wondering if it’s possible to enable it once I get into Sanctuary.

No. Each new character needs to gain access to it the same way as the first one did.

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This is such a waste, much like TVHM is with MM now existing. They should allow it to be enable after unlocking it once.


I was hoping to as well…
But, on the other hand, Guardian levels are shared… so your alt do get a boost! :slight_smile:
(in fact, someone else on that forum was complaining about that, haha)

And yeah, the bank is shared too… But all my lower level legendaries stored there got wiped out by the bank bug yesterday! :frowning:

I do agree that it would make sense to have access to it as soon as you reach Sanctuary, once you’ve done it the proper way once.

Exactly! It would have made leveling up my character faster. Now it’s just a grind on each one :tired_face:

I heard about the bank, that sucks! I preordered the super deluxe version so I got all the loot from my first playthrough to this one as well. So it’s duplicates but pretty much useless after level 10 > >

Yeah the ranks are shared but I wanted to get better loot for hard work now it’s just a replay of the campaign again until I beat it and get MM3 again :confounded: