Is Money Shot really as good as ppl say?

Vinylic Puma has a massive boner for this skill. Why?

It’s nothing fantastic AFAICS

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It’s amazing. Deputy sal is based around abusing it. Any Harold or interfacer builds want to abuse it. Any pimp/rl build abuses it. It’s probably his 2nd best skill


I’m speechless… :no_mouth:
I’m thinking this is some EPIC “click bate”


It’s amazing, Piemanlee has just listed a few examples.

The power of the skill comes a lot from how Sal can abuse it rather than it alone being game breaking. Deputy Sal for instance abuses it in combo with Jakobs shotguns, here by having a grog/ladyfist in the main hand the offhand gets the full moneyshot bonus. Jakobs shotguns that fire twice are then used in combo with this. Moneyshot buffs the Jakobs shotgun in the region of 5-10 times the base damage, this is before other bonuses such as a Grog’s crit bonus come into play. Go to youtube and search Deputy Sal and you will see the power of this set up.

The pimp/rl setup is the other common setup where basically the pimps child pellets inherit the Rocket launchers damage and also the moneyshot bonus, EVERY SINGLE SHOT!!!

Edit: The dragons vs Deputy Sal.


Let’s put it this way :

You could put 5 point in that skill and nothing else, and still clear the game.

1000% multiplicative damage is a lot


Technically speaking, since MS is a Tier 3 skill you’d still have to put in at least 10 points to reach it- technically speaking that is… :smile:


I definitely agree with you Kurt. $shot is the bee knees, the cat’s pajamas, the eel’s ankle, the elephant’s instep, all that and a bag of chips, if you will. It may not look or feel that impressive before you learn how to abuse it, but it is the shiznit once you are anointed on the altar of slick mathematics by the high priests, namely @Sljm and @DeputyChuck.


OK guys, seriously though I wasn’t sure

I was shooting a Constructor with a sniper rifle (what a pain those things are with Sal), thinking MS would do big damage, and I was disappointed when it didn’t seem to


It’s okay :ok_hand:t2: you’re forgiven :innocent:


There are lots of ways to make it work poorly : using large mag guns, speccing 5So6 or FttB. It can indeed seem underwhelming until you figure out how to optimize it.

There are lots of ways to make it insane - all of which have been alluded to : Monk/Raider COMs, crit stacking, guns with small mag size, Pimp/RL abuse, Inconceivable, etc.


Good O’le broken as hell gunzerker sal.


Forgive the hyperbole, I have a flair for being extra. When I first read the skill description and specced into it I was skeptical too. When I started poking around I found all of the information that we’ve all referenced. @DeputyChuck even chimed in personally to explain things to me. A little knowledge goes a long way, especially when there’s so much interesting math involved.


Like previously mentioned, there are a lot of ways to make Money shot not so good.

The point with MS isn’t actually “how good it is” but “how good you can make it”

If you work your build AROUND MS, you can achieve some pretty impressive results.

But if you’re just throwing 5 points in it for the lolz, it will play a nice sound telling you your mag is empty and sometimes, be useful… not much more

Look at any run featuring a Deputy build, a Moloko run or an Interfacer raid kill and you’ll see what this thing is capable of.


yehh… I don’t know if I’ll invest in MS then, I think I like other skills better

Wait, how is 5So6 and FttB bad with Money Shot?? Wouldn’t they cause chances for multiple instances per mag if you save ammo at the right times? Or does it break $Shot working at all for some reason?

Whenever 5So6 procs it will add a bullet back into your magazine instead of consuming ammo, which means you will no longer be on your last shot. Hence it would work against inconceivable in allowing MS chains.


That would ‘break the chains’ but not necessarily decrease how many Money Shots you get per reload (or even per unit time, perhaps). I’m now actually pretty curious to compute some expected number of Money Shots per reload with Icc and 5So6 in the mix.

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And that for the simple fact that it takes more shots to get down to one due to the 25% increase in mag size.

Still, I like your thinking with 5So6. The raiding folk will know better than me - that’s not how I play Sal.


Correct, its very viable with a pistol build. or any weapon with automatic firing. I use to use it before I was introduced to Deputy Sal.