Is Moxxi's Heist not available on both Nvhm and Tvhm?

I started a new character, Zane #3. I got to Sanc III at level 11 and started the heist. After completing it & farming a bit I did the story missions. Started Tvhm, got to Sanc again, but there is no option outside Moxxi’s bar to start the heist.

So is this a known issue, or is just a glitch at my end (xbox) or is it the way it is supposed to be, where you can only do it once per character?


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I just finished it in TVHM after finishing in NVHM, same character.
So it was available in both playthroughs for me.
Dunno what’s up with yours. Maybe it only unlocks in TVHM after a certain player level? But I’m just guessing.

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I did mine backwards,… TVHM M4 1st then NVHM M4 2nd so it worked backward and forward.

I am PS4 though. Not sure Raven.

I did the DLC on NVHM and TVHM with the same character on Xbone, so it must be an issue on your end. Try hitting level 50 first, maybe?

Thank you all for your responses.
I ‘finished’ that character to 50 by turning on mayhem in normal & boss farming the heist. I checked back a few times, and I never had the mish available in true, even at 50.
But… when the heist first came out I played through it at 50/true with my main Zane. I loaded him up on normal & I have the heist mish available. Same with Amara. So it would appear that there’s something awry with that lone character only.