Is Moze a joke to you?

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i really just hope that the new patch will also include some changes to existing skills…


Well… Maybe not just moze. Amara gets one that sounds like Zane’s “Best Served Cold” but better.


Right?? All we asked for is shields per kill without needing to crit…

I feel a Fuzzy Math nerf coming anyways…

i actually asked for this one to be force feedback^^
might have been confusing to them so they applied it on an other character, lol


Since crits are easier with Flak that means he regains shield faster, better, and more than Moze :expressionless:.

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Fuzzy Math only works by 15% per shot. Even if you have a shotgun with 10+ pellets and 3 of them are critical via Megavore, it only counts 1 crit pellet for the skill to proc. There’s video evidence of this. So it’s not as OP as the card description implies.

Force Feedback is still a bad joke of a skill. Not even standard kills for 10% are worth the point. It would make a lot more sense to change it so that scoring critical hits will recharge your shield, at least that way it has synergy with Pull the Holy Pin and can help vs enemies like Wotan.

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For big shields and junk (Deathless builds) it wouldn’t help that much…plus you’re taking so much damage and DOT the Regen would always stop. Since Red Tree revolves around killing, I would personally love “25% shields per kill” or something…

And Wotan hits like a truck with spikes on the front lol no amount of shield regen could save you from that

even if it doesnt work op for multi pellet weapons, with a high fire rate weapon it still maxes your shield in under 2 seconds
when i suggested force feedback to trigger on crits, i thought more of something like 2-5% per critical hit^^

Not quite. It seems to have an unlisted cooldown of maybe about a second, so you can’t just shoot an enemy for a quick moment and be back to full immediately.

Actually it’s probably in the range of 0.3-0.5 seconds.

It’s a redundant skill anyway once you get the shield reboot in the Guardian tree.

thats why they added the great 10% refill^^

Guess we’ll find out tonight. I think action skill active anointments will be OP with Iron Cub. Can’t wait.


Did you see her new anointment though? Moxsy was playing and a Ripper dropped with “While in Iron Bear, deal 100% extra damage with Vanquisher Rocket Pods.”

I don’t think Gearbox wants to revamp existing skill. They would rather buff or expand what a given skill dose to preserve the concept and intentions behind the skill.

As others have pointed out the skill was made redundant with guardian perks. To give some insight as someone who has played a non TRL Shield or Retribution build this skill is not bad when paired with Tenacious Defence. The issue is several of Mozes other skills and shields made these skill less competitive. For instance using Full Can of Whoop-ass and a Stop Gap you do the job of both of these skills minus the temporary damage boost.

Both of those skills would be amazing with a Phalanx Doctrine build but as I recall the Bloodletter is the only legendary COM with that skill on it.

If we had something that gave extra points in Tenacious Defence to give it say 60% gun damage and some sort of other legendary effect that let us trigger Tenacious Defence they I would consider playing a Mayhem 10 SoR Moze but without some kind of COM to support Forced Feedback or Tenacious defence I can’t see myself giving up my Skills like Short Fuse and Forge.


They actually changed some things in Fl4k’s blue tree, so it’s not entirely out of the question.

The rest of your point stands though.

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They did already change force feedback as a reaction to our feedback that this skill is useless
It’s just…STILL useless xD
And now they just bring a fl4k tree that is SoR but better and that feels dumb xD


I just don’t hope to gearbox to fix ■■■■ up anymore, rushin offensive is broken for so long. I just hope modders would do a better job that gearbox once the final update of the game is out.


Can’t wait to try it out :v

bro they need to god damn axe guardian perks that are some VH skills

like topped off and adrenaline, psych what god damn 200% cool down while 5 points gives 40 lol