Is Moze still broken?

Is Moze still all broken? I haven’t played since mid November. They broke a lot of skills back then. Is she fixed? Does vampyr work yet? Can she regen nades? Is the bear still garbage?

All very loaded questions, but I love Moze and Bear and she’s doing great things for me.


Vampyr’s never not worked, the meta nade is now a Tracker though.

Grenade regen is a bit random. PS4 users seem to be having the most problems but the experience differs wildly among players.

Iron Bear is far better than he was in November. Anything below MH4 he wrecks. At MH4 it’s a fair fight.


Eh. She’s still probably the weakest. Spent 250 hours on just her. Been playing Rakk Fl4k recently though. Switched back to Moze, and was struggling more. Didn’t go into FFYL as much, but also struggled more to clear maps as easily.

Moze just feel like you really need to put a lot of time and theory crafting into a build to make her work good. Have to find that good balance of survivability and damage. Kinda have to do the same thing with fl4k but it’s not as prevalent on fl4k as it is on moze. Where as with amara and zane it feels like you can run anything and get good damage out of it and have good survivability.

I also feel like the tier list in this game comes down to survivability. From best to worst in my opinion is zane, amara, fl4k and moze.

Reason is amara and zane have life steal skills which are prob the most important type of healing to survive barrages of massive damage.

Fl4k only has health regen skills

And moze only has one healing skill which relies on grenades

Vampyr also basically locks you into using splash weapons for the best effect (due to skill point investment), both on foot and while in IB… So her top gear is limited in comparison, sadly. Mind Sweeper can KINDA help, since the grenades that spawn are splash, regardless of the weapon that spawned it. However, you’re still better off using a splash weapon in most cases.

If you’re wondering if Moze at her current state can beat all content with your old recurring hexes and splash weapons from back then (pre-nerf), yes she can, as long as MoD doesn’t bug out, but it’s nothing like before where it’s just “fudge it” and you just dive right in… Now you have to play around the perimeter a bit.

She’s, apparently, the weakest VH atm, but I don’t bother playing (or youtube-ing) other VHs and my only real concerns are that her skills are working and she can do the hardest stuff even without relying too much on god-roll synergy, and she can. My wish is that she gets more viable, working skills options.

Most folks would probably disagree, but I’d argue that Moze’s good builds are closer to where I like the challenge level to be. I can’t imagine GBX bringing Moze back up to its steamroll-y level after the nerf, and whatever steamroll-y Zane meta build is currently running right now is gon’ get nerfed as well. Your only safe bet is Amara, GBX making her as steamroll-y as they want (it’s a joke, chill :smiley: ).

I got back to the game sometime before Takedown scaling and I did manage to finish M3 true takedown using my old, unanointed, early November Blast Master setup with recurring hexes, westergun, cutsman, etc (the old meta) and it was a good challenge, but got a bit intimidated by M4 at the time (since I found the M3 one really tough already) and decided to farm more anointed stuff first.

Right now with the scaled M4 Takedown, with a non god-rolled but synergistic, generic build/weapons (not scourge spam, ted chuck, recursion, anything like that, just generic splash guns with fairly cookie-cutter blastmaster or green monster setup) and decent amount of annointed stuff, it’s of consistent moderate challenge for me and I enjoy it much as Moze.

Nice one mate. Glad you’re enjoying yourself. If you find any interesting interactions between gear or something you find to be working really well for you, be sure to let us know. Every new perspective is a potential new discovery.

IB seems to be much better so that at least has been improved.

I’m of the view that the November nerfs broke a bunch of her skills - Vampyr, means of Destruction, and Redistribution all seem not to work consistently (I’m on Xbox BTW). That hasn’t changed since November. As a result I’ve been playing more of a Bloodletter general-gun build rather than Blast Master splash damage.

If you have the right gear, though, her Tediore-chuck build still absolutely wrecks.

Personally, she’s great .

There are still parts of the damage formula that apply to Iron Bears left arm but not right arm. Not sure why GBX hasn’t fixed that yet . Unless its intentional for some reason

Vampyre states there’s a 6% change on splash damage to regen grenade. Sounds low, but shouldn’t be when you are applying splash 100% of the time at a fast rate. Guns like Ogre seem to regen grenades fast though .

For IB, its unfair that the only way to heal armor is via splash weapons. This makes half his weapons useless in M3 or above since you HAVE to regen health with splash to last more than 10 seconds. Vampyr should he changed so that ALL damage done by IB regens his armor . Also they need to buff most of his weapons aside from explosive mini and rocket pods . Everything else needs to be brought up to those 2 in both fuel efficiency and DPS.

Other than that she’s my favorite VH by far . Not just in BL3 but all BL games to date. I love IB.

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