Is Moze still worth playing after today's hot fix?

I have been thinking of starting one with my group, but after this I’m not sure.

The only build that I really know of is that Grenade/explosions build, is that still the best way to go?

I’m also a little hesitant because it looks like they said they would be doing something else about infinite grenades. That doesn’t inspire confidence. And if what I decide to play gets nerfed I will be pissed.

I would choose Zane or Amara at todays point.
Zane was for me fun from the beginning. You have no mega OP build but so bad like everybody says he isn’t. He has good flexibility in skills and gear he can use.
And both of the named characters get one buff after another so their broken skills now almost work or will soon be fixed.
If you are scared of nerfs I would not start a moze, not before iron-bear-build gets an alternativ. Also no FL4K till their is no real pet-build available.

It’s my opinion about the situation

Yeah…which is unfortunate. I already have an Amara and she’s definitely my favorite so far. It’s too bad, going into the game at the start it sounded like Amara was the one who would be trailing behind, everyone was excited for FL4K, Moze and to a lesser extent Zane.

I was interested in playing all four after I played Amara(since I always play Siren first) but since the game has come out and we have learned who is good at what. I don’t have much interest in playing FL4K since the overkill nerfs, Moze is a risk because she’s going to get hit with more nerfs likely(ugh hate nerfs) and Zane doesn’t really interest me because he doesn’t really stand out that much. I like OP builds typically.

Same problem, but I started Zane (as always I start with the weakest character, had so a hard time in BL2 with Zero). Zane is only “weak”(er) in endgame. Normal Mode he is very solid and even endgame there are strong but challenging builds.
I was also excited to build nade spam or even splash/torgue-spam build. But GB is promissimg to nerf moze to the ground.
If there weren’t those loot-weeks I’d uninstall the whole game to avoid all those patches and only play offline to avoid hotfixes xD. So I could also get the experienc of an unnerved FL4K and Moze.

You can allways go for bottomless mags builds, pair it with shield of retribution and all the fire dmg you can get, and you dont even need to switch weapons for shields due to the insane dmg you are going to be dealing, the only problem is that you clearly miss on the vampyr mechanic to sustain your shields, but its still quite brutal, im going full shield of retribution and enough points for the second row of bottomless mags for the fire dmg and ammo regen, if you find a good class mod to add some more ammo regen you are set, just dont go blindly into the middle of the fight because you dont have vampyr anymore.


Well, i started as Moze explosion/ granade build and i have had a blast playing it, i stoped for some poe and stuff, now i was thinking of coming back to play some more bl3, but dont know if its worth playing moze if she will be gutted. I mean sure u can play bottomless build, but thats not the somethink im interested in. If they change infinite granade, but explosion build will still be viable i would say im gonna be ok, but im sacred of what they will come up with.

Moze is very good as demolition woman. Even without spamming grenades. With a flakker and mods to splash damage and radius she is very solid. Throwing grenades is essential even for this build. Compensating a missing action skill is the worst on moze, which apparently nobody is taking into consideration when whining about grenades,


Why would a change to a skill make a character “not worth playing”? There’s as many ways to play a character as there are guns.


Some people are one dimensional with no build creativity. These are the people that flock to the latest flavor of the month for other games, as well.


I was playing my moze this morning, still rock solid with my explosive build, now im going to redo my bottomless/SOR build paired with the transformer + thunderball fist or another splash dmg electric gun for shield heal, or use the stop gap shield for the 5 sec life saver (not going for the invincible build, it’s kindda borring imo)

I’ve got a 1hp Deathless artifact build with a bunch of points into SoR minus the capstone (which doesn’t work with this build) and the rest into Bottomless Mags for the Scorching RPMs and magazine size. Using a legendary com with +4 Scorching and +1 Redistribution, so I don’t have to reload much (which is why I skipped Selfless Vengeance in favor of straight gun damage).

Using an Incendiary Rowan’s Call and watching all the extra bullets fly around and melt enemies is a lot of fun. Though technically I could give up the extra magazine size and put those points into Selfless Vengeance and just force myself to reload more often.

I’ve had two sessions with Moze with the latest hotfix, running from level 33-36. She’s fine. There were some pretty broken builds right at launch, but I don’t think your friends would have enjoyed you playing one of those as they would never have had anything to do.


Funny story: I literally ignore my 40k shields and just let myself go ffyl then get back up almost full again. As long as you go down in a smart location, you can get away with the risk/reward trade-off.


I didnt notice any difference to be honest. I farmed for a little over an hour.

I’m running a stop gap with deathless.

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Moze is viable in anything, even with an IB build in normal leveling.

Deathless turns on cheese mode still.

Really the only issue I have with moze is that her action skill feels doofey. They’ll fix eventually do I’ma keep farming them anointed for when she’s viable

It can be awesome though. I ran down the tree to get Stainless Steel Bear (held off on Auto Bear) and the other skills that boost survivability and reduce fuel use/speed up cool down. I’m running homing rockets and gatling gun on IB, and have an anointed shield that procs a nova on getting in/out of IB. It’s been a literal blast so far.

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Haven’t tried the Nova shield. I have one of those. I might give it a shot tonight.

Also, I have an autobear build I love on her (secondary is shield of retribution so I still get dps)

Problem is that I still feel my shield is tankier and I do more damage as infantry so any in build I run right now feel more like a fun factor build, and…I mean…I wanna blow up ■■■■, ya know???

What I’ve found is that IB is a great way - at least in NVHM - of dealing with rocket spam, since your view doesn’t get obscured nearly as much. Between that and the homing rockets, it makes it easier to target the rocket dude(tte)s fairly quickly. This also works nicely on the ones carrying giant shields. Keep the chain gun for finishing them once staggered or picking off the psychos charging at you. So far, I’ve been able to run out a full IB duration multiple times with mobs, leaving me with just a handful to finish off once it ends.

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Wow. What mayhem level? I play on 3. Id love to know your build and basic weapons if that isn’t a hassle.

I’ll do some more research myself. I just can’t seem to min/Max an IB build for mayhem 3

It’s been said a million times, but Iron bear was great and a lot of fun in normal, it just goes to s*** in end game content.