Is Moze still worth playing after today's hot fix?

Thats exactly what i do, but sometimes you get too much ffyl and end up with a 1 second windows where you cant get back up.

I’m sorry for going off topic, but did you actually just imply that Zer0 was the weakest character in BL2!?

OT: Is Moze still worth playing? Yes. All of the vault hunters are worth playing, even Zane. Moze can do more than just throw grenades, but she’s still proficient at nade spam if that’s your monthly flavour.


Can we please get on one level already and talk about endgame TVHM MH3?
The starter pistol is also great, in normal mode as level 1.

OP was asking about starting a character. Hence the response.

I am planning on using IB and homing missiles mostly for leveling. Im not too worried about that part.

I’m more concerned with having an endgame goal and build to shoot for since that is what motivates me.

Not even joking, I leveled using IB homing missiles as an easy button. By level 10, I’d go half way thru his fuel shooting on my own, then dump out and let autobear do the rest while I did baby bear things (like hide from overleveled enemies and grenade spam from behind corners). It was exactly what I dreamed IB would be. That’s exactly why I so totally hope they buff him in mayhem. I just want by buddy back :sob::cry:

I know there’s talk from the Borderlands show thing about addressing both Iron Bear and pets. So, mostly likely changes on the way and we’ll see how that goes.

Currently running an Iron Build focused build with Moze. I finally got thr tight gear to make Iron Besr extremely tanky.

The only think im missing honestly is a good Anointed Grenade.

People spew a lot of hyperbole about Moze being useless. The same way they did about flakks pets being useless.

Now one of the most popular Flakk builds revolves around his pet and radiation spam.

Moze has a ton of Viable Options with a couple OP options. Even Iron Bear is Viable in Mayhem 3 if you’re not using a Loaded Dice artifact that reduces your health by 75%