Is MP region locked?

I only saw one person so far, from the same country that i’m. Is this region locked?

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Yes, people on steam are reporting the same with some switching download region via steam settings tab. Some are reporting good progress by switching to a US one. Some type of feedback from the devs would be appreciated right now.

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I just want to say how frustrated I am.
I’d like to ask Gearbox why they region-locked the multiplayer?
This is segregating an already fluctuating community and has no benefits. (As far as I can see.)
For a big negative, I am the tournament organizer for the WWHW3 tournament, and now we’re having to considering cancelling it; not because of a broken multiplayer, but because we’re simply not allowed to play together due to some, if I may, shortsighted developer decision.

Hopefully changing the download reason will fix this issue so the tournament can go ahead as planned.
Gearbox, I love you, and I love the game you’ve produced; but please stop the bad choices. You only hurt yourselves.

Thanks for reading,
Douglas “TheWorldSmith” Bacon
WWHW3 Admin & Tournament Organizer
Member of clan, The Fallen Lords


Yeah 90% of my fellow modders are in america; this will certainly hurt future development

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Changing your download region in the Steam settings, under the “Downloads” section, does indeed work.

But I will say that we shouldn’t have to go to such extreme measures.
Gearbox, you are taking away control from the community, forcing the player to play with who you would like them to play with and are restricting them from playing with who you don’t want them to.

I can understand the logic, region locking is a perfect way to reduce connection issues, high pings, and a language barrier for team games - But a player is responsible enough and intelligent enough to work this out themselves.

It is not your issue, and ethically/philosophically, it should never be yours to deal with.

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Really? even in Battlefield EA didn’t locked multiplayer ant thats is FPS! I can play with 100ms ping and its fine in FPS and this is RTS! WTF GBX? You are splitting all community! Is someone don’t want high pingers from China, just add option in lobby room or something… So can’t you make some region filters for players if they want to see other region servers or no ? This is BETA so i hope you make it in the way it should be…

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Actually, i don’t think this is gearboxes doing.

Recently steam started region locking games to stop the import of cheap Russian keys.

This might be the issue.

It’s a developer choice. Steam will recommend, however, won’t force region locking on it’s listed titles.

Not to mention we use the SHIFT service to connect and play together.

Its only for buying and activating games… Not playing. I can play CS on USA server with 120 ping, for casual playing it’s enough and for RTS like Homeword is more than enough

Oddly enough I had a match with a guy that claimed to be an Aussie. And I live in California soooo I haven’t a clue.

I am quite happy to and expect to play RTS games with people from across the world.

Australia on average has a ping to the US of 250 MS this is completely fine for playing games like RTS, Games that require millisecond precision like Counter strike and Dota do suffer.

Most multiplier lobbys have a way of displaying ping of users in traffic light methods or just numbers and you can choose who you want to play with or filter to a specified region.


I agree, this needs to be removed. Better to simply leave the player with the information to be able to make their own decisions and we already have ping information which is all you need. Regionalised lobbies would probably be a better solution for matching up players to roughly similar geographical locations, at least then players could simply choose to join a different region in-game.

He changed the region on steam, everybody is doing that

I get the feeling this is a weird artifact of Steamworks integration and not something they actually intended to happen. Valve probably won’t be too impressed if everyone playing Homeworld set their download to point at the same place.

Plus the steam client occasionally re-detects your download region and changes it as new content servers are added.

this is completely stupid and i see no reason at all to do such a thing O_o? if i go online i want to able to play with anyone i could not just my neighbor lol

I’m in Italy and actually playing with 99% english speakers… never changed that Steam setting too, what’s happening? Well not like I have issues: more players!

Hey folks! I can confirm that it was never intended for multiplayer to be region locked. Keep in mind that multiplayer is still in beta, and know that the dev team is working with Valve to try to resolve this ASAP.

Since we’re seeing mixed results (some cannot play across regions, and some seemingly not having any issues at all) so any details you all can continue to provide will be super helpful moving forward.


Jeffybug, that’s great to hear. I have many buddies overseas and region locking really sucks.

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