Is Multiloader tooltip just missing all the flaw that comes from taking the helix?

The tooltip is already badly worded to make it sound like you can shoot 5 rockets at once. The biggest issue I have with this helix is that it it completely destroys the ability to shoot normally. When you take this upgrade, the shooting delay is greatly increased even if you don’t charge. It’s as if my attack speed is halved for the rest of my game.

I took this once in PvE for testing and hated it. I accidentally took it in PvP recently because I thought I was at level 9 (mid-fight rush upgrade) and was going to go for the bigger AoE on Hawkeye only to find out I just took the Multi-loader upgrade and it made me unable to play properly for the rest of the game.

I could barely fire 2 rockets in one 4-second Hawkeye lock that game. Sometime, I would jump and try to shoot only to do nothing. Even trying to charge it ended up failing most of the time and I had to left click over and over for Benedict to start shooting once before the super extended delay kills the rest of the pace. Luckily that game was far too ahead for the enemy to come back.

Sure there are other weaker helix as well but they don’t completely destroy my ability to function. This is like, imagine Oscar Mike taking a baby grenade instead of flame grenade. As a bonus, the grenade also hits your allies and yourself for thrice the damage. It’s that kind of feel. Would be great if this thing can be disable server-side (if possible) until it is hotfixed because this helix is a good example of what it’s like to make a game-losing mistake.

Yep, don’t like it either. The loading seems too slow to be interesting. I expected something a bit more like Unreal Tournament’s Rocket launcher.

Was pretty excited to try it out but yea…it’s really bad. The charge time is so slow you could have just shot twice normally =/

Sad part is that if you do take it, you can’t shoot twice in the charge time anymore.

I came here to post pretty much the exact same message. As an avid Benedict player, I was excited when I unlocked this helix mutation, but it completely messed up the timing of my minion missiles. After trying it out one time in PVP, I resorted to the other tier 7 skills instead.

If the timing was tweaked so that your firerate with the mutation was the same as without, I could see this skill as being much more palatable, albeit pretty situational. Maybe throw in a free rocket or two. :wink: