Is multiplayer still active on ps4?

Hey guys,

I am thinking of getting this game but i am scared the multiplayer is rarely played. Multiplayer is the main part for me to play this game. It looks amazing but want to have a decent multiplayer experience.

Do you mean PvP or co-op story missions? (Or both?)

The game is entirely multiplayer unless you play a private game.

I am more of a pvp guy but the co op story seems interresting aswell.

Pvp is still relatively alive from what I can tell. I dunno what your timezibe is though. Capture maps take awhile but incursions wait time is not bad at all

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Timezone is gmt+1 ( so europe) but glad to hear this game is still alive, i might actually go out and get it.

Yes, then. You can play both co-op and PvP in private, but you won’t get a very high endgame score in solo story, and bots suck and there’s no challenge progress in private pvp, so, overall the game is almost entirely multiplayer.

Right now, however, PvP is not super friendly to newer players. Most of the players in multiplayer are veterans, so match-ups with or against people with the same skill rank can be harder to find (nigh impossible at some times of the day).
If you still want to get this game (which you should, because despite all it’s flaws it’s still awesome), I suggest playing a few public story missions to get the hang of how the game flows, the characters handle, and how the leveling system works. I would also play a few private matches against bots in pvp just to understand each game type a little better and get used to the mechanics of each one.
Finally, I would find a group of fun peeps to play with that can show you the ropes and prevent the premade teams of higher skilled folks from potentially dominating you and whatever group of randoms the matchmaking system pairs you up with. What platform are you on?

Thank you for taking the time and laying it out for me. This really helps with my current vision of the game.

The veteran players will have the advantage but its a nice goal to set and reach that level. I just hope its not too late to start :wink:

Also, platform will be ps4

Feel free to add me if you’d like. (My psn is Phantom_Virus17) I’m not the best PvP player, but I’ve played the game since the beta, so I’m pretty comfortable playing it.
I typically play with a group of two or three people. We mostly play for just for the fun of the game, so we never mind using new players as meat shields. (Or something equally witty)

Also (if you add me) I can message you before my group is about to play and I can stream my game play so you can get a better view of everything

That would be greatly appreciated, i will go out and buy the game next tuesday. Ill add you once i got it.

Sounds great! I look forward to “meeting you” then!

Alas, my phone is at 3%.

Good night (morning, afternoon, w/e) forumites!

Best of luck to you sir! New blood is always welcome. I would like to say that this games returns are amazing if your willing to put forth the actual effort to learn and get better and have some patience. When getting into multiplayer take some time figuring out the game modes you wanna try. Learn there maps a bit. Check out guides on how to play new characters etc.

This game is incredibly substantial and hope you can find a love for it similar to my own :smiley:


It really pains me, but I can’t recommend it.
I’m in Europe as well and the matchmaking on PS4 is horrible, on average I have to wait for 15min for a PvP match.

However if you do get, please send me a FR as well, would love to have some people to play with.

It’s fairly active. Matchmaking only takes about a minute. It’s also insanely fun.

Thank you all for the responses, nice to see the community is atleast helpfull and friendly.

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Things to keep in mind before buying the game:

  1. High time to kill compared to other first person games (You will have to work hard to get your kill, its not point, shoot, kill)
  2. No replacements for people who leave a match.
  3. If you leave a match early in PVP you will only be able to rejoin the match you left.
  4. Again the enviroment is not kind to new players, you will lose a lot at first and have a lot of people who leave the match because you are a low leveled player
  5. Better to make friends and join a group than to play solo, mainly for the previous reasons
  6. You will only start with 5 (7 its been awhile lol) characters and will need to unlock the rest
  7. It is better to try to play each character a few times before entering PVP, because you unlock different choices for the characters and it will help you understand how they work.
  8. The story has a total of 9 missions including the prologue, and the Advanced story is pretty difficult. Even veteran players will fail.
  9. Advanced story does not give more exp. better to start and finish the normal story missions to level character rank and gain equipment to use in advanced story and PVP.
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Marquis, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Rath and Thorn make for 7 characters at the start, not 5.

Been awhile since level 1 lol I thought it was 5, corrected the post

Joker, thank you as well. It seems the game is pretty hostile to new players but the community isn’t. This alone is makes it worth to give it a shot.

The longest I’ve ever waited for a match (PvE or PvP) was about 4 minutes…