Is my friend using an item modification hack?

A friend of mine says that he’s not modifying his items with hacks. He sent me this picture.
Does this look like he has used something to edit the stats on this item? Or is it genuine?

The right one is modded.

Either he did it himself or got it from someone in multiplayer. But it looks rather obviously manufactured.

the only reason I avoid multiplayer in this game, like 90% of ppl you play have modded items, and most of them dont know it cos they got it by trading lol


thats either some god roll loot drop or modded. Inclined to think the latter and as someone has already said probably via trade.

I reckon he was on mp and some random player just dropped a few bits in Sanctuary and went off on their merry way.

Saw it a few times in BL2 - touch wood but not seen it in BL3 yet (ps4)

Thats PC vibe.

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Haha for the 1 on the right to be legit, it would need 11 more spaces for parts…
2x transfusion + 2x generator +2x roider + 2x large +2x link + 1 mirv; beyond this it would be called Mitosis
Edit…pointed out that i was still 3 parts off, so 14 in total; highly reccomend trash on sight if on console

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Roider gives +20% and iirc it has diminishing returns and 2x roider provides 35%. It looks more like Nuke. Also +2 MIRV (3 in total).

, i thought nuke too but that part would also say “consumes up to 2 grenades”… so maybe 3 roider parts
Edit… your actually right… eep that would be massively draining on the system; i could throw 7 of the left 1 before sound gets glitchy - any more than 1 of the right would freeze my ps4

I had a few Hive’s from someone and noticed some of them had the “Stuffed” prefix. Hive’s do not have any prefixes in the name so it had to be modded. Both Corrosive and Radiation had the same anointment as well so I was pretty sure they were modded. :stuck_out_tongue:

Question answered, thread closed…