Is my game broken? Crazy xp

This is normal M3

Past 2 days i start by killing graveward and he gives me 260k xp when before it was only 36k

Next from the vualt i fast travel to slaughter shaft and every wave is basically ALL anointed with a few badasses sprinkled in and the anointed give about 60k a kill

Im G rank 297… and didnt break a sweat

Sounds like your offline, with no hotfixes you get pre-launch gameplay offline.

Yes the game is broken, full of glitches,bugs and everything else.
This is what happens when you start game online, close game, start it again and start in offline mode when in menu.
This is why we need another online mode, like i asked in the post:

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You don’t need to do all that, simply starting the game and pressing continue will usually do it for me, and that’s with 100mb/s dl.

The game is just real slow about picking up the hotfix.

It always shows im online… i play with freinds all the time, they join thr game a rep the benifits, got 1 friend from 35 to 50 in about 20 mins

It’s offline.
If you start the game fast enough from the main menu the hotfixes don’t apply even if you are “online”.

The hotfixes don’t solved this bug.

Well of course hotfixes can’t fix it.
Hotfixes only work online.
The “bug” only occurs offline.
An actual patch would be needed to fix it.

Also, it is an actual bug in the first place? I believe it’s just the original, non-hotfixed scaling of MH3.

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