Is my game bugged or has this weapon been ruined?

I’ve just loaded up my Moze file after a few days of playing Fl4k and noticed that all my Flakkers have a mag size of 1. But they still consume 5 ammo per shot.

Obviously I’m a butt hurt Moze player as I get splash damage bonuses the longer I dont reload.

Is my game bugging or was this an intentional change to the Flakker?


Latest hotfix nerfed it badly.

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It’s nerfed badly for Blast Master Moze, but weirdly enough, it could have an effectively higher fire rate now for others as some can now reload faster with it than it could normally shoot (with high reload speed bonuses that is).

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Today’s Hotfix Nerf it. I am bummed about it since I have the Itchy Flakker and it was my go to shotgun…now I will have to find something else to use.

Yep it’s a hot steaming pile now