Is my main OP if yes "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Seriously is shayne and aurox op, she just seems to have too much right now and I feel way less challenged

Well considering she isn’t a carry by any stretch of the imagination I think she’s in a really good spot right now. You can go for great wave clear if your comp is lacking it, a shield tank for front line harass or a stealth assassin like Deande for killing those pesky backline supports. She can pretty much fill any role depending how you build her so shes very flexible but she doesn’t excel per say at any of those things. She’s basically a jack of all trades but you need to choose what your team really needs since her helixs have a huge impact on her gameplay.

if I could I would have 3 or 4 different loadouts for her alone but sadly I’m waiting for that loadout increase we were promised. To answer your question yes she has a lot but she can’t spec/build into all of it. I will say her wave clear is way above average when built right though.


Ok because I was worried she was too much now, thanks for answering

She didn’t need any buffs but she’s still in a good spot.

I don’t like seeing her personally but I don’t understand her like at all. Need to get around to picking her up…

Yes, S&A are more OPd than Boldur now. I honestly don’t know what the hell Gearbox was thinking; damn them, and such.

I feel that, in order to give S&A the balance THEY SO DESPERATELY NEED: Shayne’s boomerang needs to be replaced with a wet piece of wool; Aurox’s claws need to heal enemy Battleborn, to offset Shayne’s ludicrous damage output; and Fetch needs to instantly kill Aurox upon hitting an enemy.

…Did anyone get this far without realizing that this post is completely satirical? If so, you have my sympathy.


You had me at balance.


I don’t think that, I’m just saying I don’t want to play my main thinking it is unfair to the other team

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No, i got that; just trying (and failing) to be funny. Your reasoning here is the exact same reason i stopped using Benedict in PVP (people hate him now, and while i might be an a**hole, i’m not 100% a dick), and why i’ll never use Boldur.

I’m ok with benedict now his damage only has a max 8 percent boost since last patch, so his damage is pretty much back to normal

Sure, but people were complaining about him BEFORE his buff, because the proper specing and use of hawkeye is more or less a free kill in most cases, and Benedict is hard to counter in skilled hands. I highly doubt that i’m one of the best with him, but i’ve gotten my fair share of hate-mail after some matches.

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Yes but the Hawkeye rocket is fairly easy to dodge, and you can shoot the rockets, also he is high risk

Haha, it’s not easy to dodge when there’s THREE of them. Sure, the instant reload helix is better overall, but taking a muder of rockets, the extra second of homing, and the helixes that increase damage for hawkeye rockets and homing rockets respectively, puts out TREMENDOUS damage, and gives you 3x the chance to hit a target.

True honestly I think the homing rockets do more damage should be fixed to where the homing has to be more “loose” you know what I mean

I think so; it does both amuse me and make me feel guilty when i see hawkeye pull it’s magic ninety-degree turns to kill a target around a corner.

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Me to one time I was like damn that ain’t hitting the WHOOSH kill

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He got a Hawkeye debuff length buff as well. Between that and the health, he tripled his nuisance level


Tiene mucho escudo, mucha velocidad tanto de movimiento como de ataque y los boomerangs tienen un ataque decente como para fastidiar a distancia. Se puede equipar muy bien sin tener la nececidad de sacrificar a cambio una de las cualidades y no olvidar que aturde y que puede atacacar al mismo tiempo. En cuanto a sus tecnicas estan bien pensadas pero incisto mucho de todo es mucha ventaja. Convirtiendolo en algo muy letal si incluimos quien le de soporte… habia olvidado mencionar que tambien se hace invisible. Y otra cosa mas… en cuanto a accesorios a veces no es necesario que tenga legendarios (claro que es mas letal con estos) simplemente hasta con normales basta.


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