Is my maths out?

So we heard that players have spent 38,000 years in BL3, which sounds impressive.

So just wanted to work back some:

Borderlands 3 was release 24 weeks ago today. And as the results were issued yesterday 27/02, lets assume they were accurate as end of 26/02.

So thats 23 wks, 5 days = 166 days to play the game.

38000 years = 13.87 million days (lets skip leap years)

So that equates to

83,554.21 days worth of play every single day.

which equates to

2,005,301.20 hrs worth of play per actual hour.

As a rough indication, does that suggest we have an average 2 Million people playing BL3 every hour?

Hours per day not per hour. Ratio “days to days” is the same as “hour to hour”.

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Math is fine.
Your spellings however…

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Gotta be flawed somewhere (but at the moment my maths seems also :sob::sob:)

ack…good spot.

So that seems to indicate circa 83k users are online each hour…

which seems really low.

That’s an average since launch, though. There would have been way more users online in the first month. I think someone was posting a PSN stats graph showing an exponential decay from the initial peak, which is kind of what I’d expect. That does really strange things to the average value.

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Now do chests opened : enemies killed. That one seems off to me. Who are these players opening a chest every 2 enemies killed?

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When you factor boss farming: that’ll skew the stats.

I mean do any vault boss farm and your talking 4 chests to 1 enemy (providing you nail it quick and kill no adds)

Im thinking Graveward mainly here.

Probably me. I open everything as I go. (And assuming that ‘chests’ means any loot container rather than just the big red ones)

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Don’t forget, there are people who have found… methods… to open the same chests many, many times quickly without having to kill a single enemy…

Yeah but 2 enemies for every chest? The majority of players don’t spend hours boss farming, and then only a percentage of the ones that do actually bother with chests… A single playthrough should yield like 50:1 enemies:chests at least. Especially considering probably upwards of 50 or 60 percent of players went until tvhm then stopped playing altogether.

This is the only way I see this stat as possible, if every crate in the game is counted as a chest.

Again, we’re talking BILLIONS. There’s no way that handful of people (drop in the bucket compared to the millions that play the game) could influence numbers in the billions. That’d take half the players doing that to skew that size of number. Even if you alone did that for the next 10 years for a few hours a day you would not noticably impact numbers in the billions.

Traunt farmers throwing off the ratio! lol For someone who’s chests reset every time there is 5 chests total to open every Traunt kill. Also the chest week people were spamming it. Then if they are counting Lillith chest the first month of the game people were read-only farming the crap out of that.

I think you underestimate how many people were continually opening chests during chest week. There were people exploiting things like opening the Cistern chest 100’s of time per reload as well.

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Might be worth taking a look at the detailed player challenge logs in the galaxy view map - I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a ‘Loot’ category there.

Haha I admit I did open the chests more during the event, otherwise I never do.

I’mmm still skeptical over it, unless it does count every locker/box/crate as a chest. Then I’m probably on board. Think about it this way:

100 thousand people (there’s no way) spamming open 100 thousand chests each (seriously there’s no way!) would throw the ratio off by 10 billion. Then we’re still talking 1 chest opened for every 3 enemies killed! Wtf…

Just seems nuts to me. 20 billion as a number can’t even be comprehended by a human brain.

I see the loot section, but does it actually show your numbers or just the challenge percentage complete? I’d be curious to see how many chests I’ve opened, I’d instantly be able to tell if it counted all containers.

There are other bosses with a lot of chests to open as well, like Jackbot I think there’s 5ish there and those are available every time no matter who you are. I think there is actually a high percentage of people who open chests every time.

But 1 slaughter shaft run will undo 100 boss farms ratio-wise.

Maybe I’m naive to the amount of people that mob enemies. Maybe 90% of players boss only over and over.

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I know there are a lot of people who do chest runs. Like they have paths they run to open each chest in an area and rotate through I’ve seen quite a few mentions of that.

And yeah I would wager the amount of people like me who run Slaughters daily is fairly low compared to anything else.