Is my notebook good enough for the game?

Hello there,
I’m seriously considering buying this game, I’m not sure if my notebook is good enough to run it smoothly. What is your opinion?
CPU: Intel Core i5 4200M 2,5 GHz
Graphics: NVidia GeForce GT 740M

Sadly it isn’t. Even people with a decent desktop can’t

Console is your best bet, as the game seems to be more optimized there.

Not exactly.

The game suffers from mysterious performance issues. If you’re unlucky to have them, you’d have trouble running the game even on powerful configs. But if you’re lucky and they don’t happen on your system, the game doesn’t actually require that much to get playable FPS.

I’ve seen people playing the game on laptops with a ridiculously weak GPU like 920M or alike.

Chances are not very good, but try it if you’re able to call for a refund. Next Steam sales, probably?

It seems that the problem with the game is it is very dependant on the graphics card. Running with both medium-high end graphics card and processor, the processor runs at 30%-ish and the graphics card at 100%. If you have a gtx 970 and 8 GB of ram or above it should be fine.

Also people with amd cards, have even more problems for some reason

Hah, would be great if that would be so simple. But no. As I said, performance issues in this game have very unclear and obscure reasons. Otherwise they’d be fixed quickly, right?

AMD hardware is a popular thing to point at in discussions, the truth is there are people with AMD GPU and/or CPU running the game perfectly and many people with nVidia/Intel having massive FPS drops.

That’s exactly what I was trying to state: the game, if it happens to run properly (as devs intended), is NOT very dependent on GPU.

Then why is Battleborn kicking my graphics card to smitherines, while giving my processor a backrub. Both are WELL over the recommended requirements.

Who knows. Either way you need more than one example to make assumptions on such a complex issue as BB’s PC performance.

Others have had similar experiences (Processor chilling, while the graphics card being harassed)

While some “other others” play the game on a GPU way below min spec. That’s why I advise try and refund.

Yah, i’ll wait till the 1070 comes around. Hopefully BB won’t be able to completely drain that aswell.