Is my PS3 Profile destroyed for good?

I’m in big trouble and need some friendly advice:
Long story short, I stupidly borrowed a “modded profile” from my friend and used it for my Borderlands 2 game, except I had no idea it was “modded”…He said it would just help me with a few bad ass tokens
Well I’m pissed off as hell, and don’t want that garbage on my PS3, so I deleted my BL2 profile, I deleted all the saves that I slaved for legit, yet when I loaded up the Borderlands 2 disk, I get a message saying that 62,000 unspent tokens have been added and I’ve got a friggin 428 million bad ass rank!!

How the heck do I get rid of this crap? I just want to play legit…I thought by deleting his stupid modded profile off my PS3 I would start with a brand new profile that was clean

Please I’m genuinely needing help here…Look I know I screwed up so telling me I shouldn’t have done this is not going to help, I just want this damn thing gone off my console

Any help would be appreciated

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All the tokens, heads, skins, etc. are stored in a single file. If memory is correct, it should be in your BL2 saves folder and will be called profile.sav.

If you’ve deleted that along with the appropriate saves, restarted your PS3, and you’re still getting the same thing, then does PS3 have some kind of cloud back up system? If so, turn it off.

Not sure what to do after that. Maybe @Piemanlee can remember something relevant?


I somehow managed to avoid any issues with BAR during my PS3 days and i neve messed with saves. My advice would just be don’t spend the tokens


Yeah I tried all that
Thanks for the help though…It looks like the PS3 syncs your entire profile somehow to your actual account with PSN, so whatever modifications you make is unfortunately permanent :worried:

I even deleted my PS3 saves for BL2, deleted my profile, uninstalled all DLC, uninstalled the game, and reset my PS3…but nope, nada, zilch, it always synced back to that modded BL2 profile

In the end, last night, I created an entire “new” profile on PSN, and gave up on my other profile…Thank goodness I haven’t got many games or trophies saved under that account, it was the ONLY way to fix my problem

Lesson learned guys, don’t mess with your profile, lol


Before you do that:

Note there’s a PS3 entry as well. It looks like you can turn off auto-upload on a per-game basis. Presumably that also means you can turn it off. You’d then need to backup your own saves locally onto say a USB key, but I’d do that anyway.


I had the same problem, I have my main account and a storage account (for solo play :wink:, you know what i mean). and I switch to both accounts every now and then for storing weapons and gear.

I think the problem I have is I open the game in my storage account and in the main menu i inadvertently use my main account to start the game, upon starting it sync my storage account profile to my main account and have lots of BAR.

I look for solutions and even sent a ticket but nothing help.

Check this out, maybe some of the solutions i found might work for you, sadly did not work for me.

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