Is my Takedown glitching, or is it always like this?

I’m finally able to solo the thing but after the Valkyries, the zones ahead spawn enemies so slowly. Like, one at a time, unless a door opens or a wave of dogs balls appears.

It’s making it harder to get through because it makes it take that much longer. I finally got the gear I need to beat this and now I have to wait to fight things?

Try relloging the game. I get simaler issues in parts of the game and a relog solves. Not just to title screen, close the application.

I know exactly what you’re talking about and it happens a lot. My guess is spawn confusion by the game itself. It’s like the game can’t decide what to throw at you. I do know 100% that enemies spawn in a pattern. Right after Valkries there are 2 soldiers, after a few seconds 2 more soldiers spawn 1 from each door on the right. Next a soldier drops in the upper middle section. The reason I point this out is because they will always spawn in order. The only random aspect is what type they spawn as. Important note heavies, commanders, and soldiers will never take another types spot. So if a heavy spawns that point in the pattern will always spawn a heavy. You can use the spawn lag to study the pattern. This will also help you avoid unexpected flank spawns. (/maelstrom of text)

Yes it is always like this, that’s if you can get through Valkaries without your game crashing. Try logging out and log back in when they fix all the broken stuff in this game, though that may take a while.

I’m going to have to find people to do this with. I can probably do it solo but this glitch just makes it take way too long.

Had it happen too, especially the part right after the Valkyries. There is pattern as @theonlytosser mentioned. But still… it gets annoying. There is a skip though, a new one, YT it, you’ll find it :wink: .

After running this thing too many times to even be remotely healthy, I’m seeing lots of flaws in the raid. There are some parts in the game where spawning seems off a bit. Rushing the first part and skipping all the creatures, then entering the first part of facility and going too fast, all the soldiers and those goddamn annoying K9’s are dead, the door won’t open to the first mini boss, the first robot (I’m terrible at names, but you know who I mean). So I need to backtrack a bit, then 5-6 more soldiers spawn, and then the door opens after killing them.

Heck, today I even had a run where I was blocked at the last door (after the bridge part, oh lord the bridge, got I hate those Balls lol). Everything was dead, only them 4 badass big guys to kill and then off to Wotan, but for some reason the door didn’t open. So I backtracked, thinking I forgot to kill some dudes. But not one enemy to be found. I just yeeted myself of the bridge and restarted from the last checkpoint.

Other times, where I was rushing the raid and tried to get to that door as fast as possible, enemies were spawning waaaay slower than I was used to.

Also, since the latest patch, I noticed when using the Recursion, sometimes enemies just fly out to space, and get stuck somewhere. Resulting in a restart.

So yeah, you are not alone in this!

Didn’t wanna make a whole thread on this. I find hilarious with all the talk about Takedown, not a single person mentioned the ratch spitters in the wall.

Since I always skip the ratches at the start, what do you mean?

They were removed recently as soon as you drop into the ratch area there were like 3 flying ratch. They were on the right hand side. Anyway in every single raid they were stuck inside the wall, half of them would pop out of the wall. With all the bugs and problems with Takedown no one ever mentioned them.

oh ok, never noticed tbh. As soon as I noticed I could skip that whole part, I never once killed a ratch again lol.

Yeah I think that rushing through it kinda wigged the spawns out. As soon as big robo #1 dies I go to the valkyries, which I think buggers up the ensuing spawns. Just one at a time in certain areas, which means that I ironically use up more ammo because I have fewer chances to trigger Seein’ Dead, meaning less dps.