Is Nades on Nades now a more viable option?

As the title says, since the nerf to AOE abilities like Fragcendairy and blight, does Oscar mikes cluster frag seem like a good choice? His AOE DoT was pretty much a must pick, but as of now it doesn’t feel nearly as useful. It obviously now requires better placement and the right time to use, but I feel like this nerf might have opened up a use for the cluster frag grenade. Thoughts?

Technically, although in reality I doubt it will really be chosen more often


Nades on Nades can be upgraded to do over 400 damage to one person if you choose the mutation for amplified damage but decreased radius. I think at this point it’s more viable.

So its less of an AoE grenade and more like a targeted Rocket almost. That’s freaking genius. I love Fragcindeary to death, but that actually sounds really cool. I’ll have to make a build focused around cooldowns, attack speed and skill damage and see how well it works…

So here is the problem, it is buggy, sometimes the nades go underground, or do no damage

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Also you need lots of levels to make it worth it. Might as well pick Orendi and get the burst right away instead of taking 8 levels to make Nades on nades work.