Is new DLC and the UMHM Levelpack to 70 2 diferent downloads?

Just want to know if you can play the new DLC without going to level 70. Im planing to play new DLC at level 60, if you can. I dont wanna grind and farm all my hard earned weapons all over again…

If you want to play the new DLC then yes you have no choice to level up

If so, then im out for good, at least untill BL3…

Just because of your weapons? There are new weapons to be discovered. Leaving this whole campaign because of levels is kinda sad. Who’s to say you wont enjoy this new DLC and the levels before you try it?


I agree,you could be missing out on some great gameplay,why not wait for reveiws before you decide

I see your point but i got ALL weapons, items and stuff for Nisha att Max stats at level 60 and it feels like a big, big PITA to farm them all over again. Frankly im very dissapointed that you cant chose not to level up…

But with the level increase you can get weapons better than those level 60’s.

I know what you’re saying,I have a perfect Luneshine Maggie I hate to say goodbye to,it took me forever to grind for but the show must go on,I’m looking forward to it

I first thought you were asking if you could play the DLC at level 60. My guess is yes (99.99% sure) but if there’s an OP system it would likely only work at max level, just like in BL2. But you’ll probably end up leveling up while playing it.

My suggestion is to attempt to duplicate and/or backup your character. Or maybe even start a new character and play him up to 30, 50 or 70 and start the DLC at one of those points (or maybe somewhere else in there if you like). I know how you feel. I felt that way about my Krieg and Maya in BL2 at level 61. I had obtained a bunch of rare gear for them and I didn’t want to have to do that again for them as they were doing well. BUT I still played other classes up to 72.

There ARE other options too. Some non-legit. Or forum trading.