Is op8 Hoplite even useable?

Whenever i put it on it shows 1 health, but one hot from ANYTHING puts me into FFYL as Axton. Is there any way to fix this?

Use a different shield. :dukecheese:

The Hoplite is broken in the OP levels so I’d recommend using something else.


I´m using an OP4 version when running health-gate builds with Axton (OP8 health penalty is too high). Skills increasing your health and BAR influence the remaining health you get when carrying it. So you may want to respec and turn BAR off. On the old forum there where several guides how to use it (or other turtle shields) succesfully in fighting raid bosses. Unfortunatly this knowledge resource has been closed. Maybe some of the veterans like Derch or johnrr6 still know the links to the guides.

I have an OP1 I had used on Sal, which brought me to HP, thought it was supposed to work that way! Now I know not to use it. Shame really.

Ive used to have written guide on the old forums. Maybe ill write it again here someday. If you are interested in what @Karl_Napf was talking about, here is a old video ive made,

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Yes, it´s your guide I was referring to.

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Exotek, that is amazing! So it would also work on a Hoplite?

Not sure if OP8 Hoplite would work, OP5-6 most likely. OP8 Fabled Tortoise works tho. Still, the best choice are white turtle elemental resistance shields.

Highest I have found a Hoplite that will work in the “auto heal” build is OP4

Exotek is correct on the OP8 Fabled Tortoise…it WILL work (with the right parts combination).

But the movement penalty is just intolerable…at least IMHO.

Hoplite has a movement penalty as well…but it can be lived with.

It’s a fun build…but requires patience because your damage output is severely limited. Sometimes feels like you are throwing spitballs…unless you Flakker/Ahab LOL


I found out the same thing the other day as well Lol…Unfortunately the Hoplite is completely broken and not usable on OP8, the same goes for some juggernaught shields and the Fabled tortoise

I’m hoping that Gearbox will release a patch and fix them because i would like to use all the gear that is available in this game

Ive beat the peak on op8 w/o flakker/ahab and with autoheal build. The glitch is only required for raiding at op8 with this setup.

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Yep…totally agree. It will work fine with patience on just about anything. You just can’t expect to be blowing enemies away quickly like a full explosive build with Double-Up and all the grenade damage bonuses specced.

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Don’t have to lose too much dmg with Turle/Pointman, just dont allocate too many points into survival tree.

This post made me wanna try it out. I use this Build. (Need 60% hp from Healthy (+5 com) and 2% hp from Ranger to hit magic 156hp).

You can go like that for more dps or take grit and facetank everything.

Tried going with 10/10 Grit. You might avoid first 2 deaths, maybe 3… maybe even 4th death. But eventually you’re going down. Idk, kinda liked it better not going all the way down to Grit, and taking some dps skills in other trees instead.

Edit: I take it back, Grit actually works better than expected. All I’m hearing it the ‘clink’ sound from Grit proccing

Grit is Axton’s most underrated skill in my book.

5/5 Grit is a 20% chance which seems to perform more like a 50% chance.

10/5 Grit is a 40% chance which seems to perform more like a 70% chance.

Sometimes it just procs continuously.

The only problem is the heavy investment down that tree to get to it.

A 26-15-26 build with a Pointman is my personal preference for a tank build.

You are putting out less boom, but with Magic Missiles and two slag turrets to slag/block/channelize/distract…you kinda don’t need that much boom.

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