Is OPQ explosion shock damage?

The new OPQ System is an awesome gun. It’s my new favorite weapon except for one thing the elemental explosion keeps killing me when it procs on enemies that I kill in close proximity. It’s an understandable risk/reward from a high damage weapon. The reason I’m wondering if it is shock damage alone is that I’m wearing the Transformer shield and it still kills me instantly even though the transformer converts 100% shock damage to shield energy. It’s just annoying when their are so many enemies that run /jump right in you myour face. If that’s what is supposed to happen I can deal with it. Is there anything to this?

it is shock but… if you have any of the Moze additional fire damage allocated it will add to the shock explosion and kill you. Personally I removed those, I lost some dps but I recharge transformer constantly

Yeah, it won’t be your OPQs fault if you’re wearing Transformer, OPQ only deals splash damage in the form of shock. I been using this guy for weeks and if I’m wearing a Transformer I avoid any and all kills that it would normally provide. Your problem lies in character abilities, whether that be Amara adding extra elements to her guns or Moze’s additional explosions. Something in your character skills is doing it.

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah. I’m running Moze so it’s probably something to do with the incendiary or splash damage skills.