Is orendi doing over 100 million damage supposed to be

So I need to know if I’m supposed to be putting out over 100 million total damage in a game and now i can one shot sentrys is this supposed to happen

Since she is so squishy and only has 1 escape i would say yes. any character that can catch her such as ISIC, El Dragon, Caldarius or Melka and can out single target dps her tend to be her weakness.

That’s the thing I insta kill everyone I’ve insta killed every tank in the game repeatedly

Are you using her legendary item?
If so, it’s bugged.

are you ulting them with her mutation that stacks pillars or just plain killing them with just the pillars? if they are just standing in the pillar then that’s their fault that’s why i listed mobile characters.

Please enlighten me on what her legendary as i have yet to see it.

Yep I am using it, I don’t even know how I acquired it though I am max on orendi in levels and lore is that how I got it

It let’s u get 30 more damage with pillars if u miss one and it stacks I think

Missed Shadowfire Pillars give you a damage bonus on the next SP.

Its damage bonus stacks are not capped. So you can deal alot more damage than intended while having this item.

I have cool down below 10 and just rapid fire them so it’s funny to see them struggle to dodge all of them

-_-’ and they thought this was a good idea how? It should cap at 300 damage after maybe 3 misses? 100 damage per miss sounds about right don’t you think? I haven’t used her since the CTT so i don’t remember how much damage each pillar does anymore.

Is most likely unintended.

That’s not what PoeticNova meant.
That’s a BUG with her legendary item. The 30% damage bonus is supposed to reset but keep stacking and not resetting it seems.
So no, that’s not intended. It’s not that they thought it was a good idea. Purely a bug.

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Yea after reading the some of other characters legendary gear that base 30% seems more in line with them. thank you for clarifying it for me.

This makes sense now. I can’t count the amount of times i’ve wanted to throw my controller at my screen because I go from full hp to dead in one shot by this little witch.

Hey hey, I’ve got my eye on you. huehuehuehue

I did say twice that it was not intended.

She did that taunt to me afterwards.

Twisty, twisty, now he missed me! BOOM!

Huh I wondered if it stacked when I got that item. The funny thing is it seems kinda pathetic if it doesn’t stack at all. Seems like a difficult thing to balance as it combos so much with cooldown reduction but is kinda fair with base cooldowns (at which point missing on purpose wouldn’t be worth it). Capping stacks would probably make the description to wordy and complicated.