Is Overwatch better than Battleborn?

I’m not trying to start a fight, because I can play both games, but I’m just wondering from people who like both which they like better. Be nice!!

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Did I put this in the wrong section? I thought it relates to Battleborn

I prefer BB.

  1. When I feel like playing a simple Hero Killer like Overwatch, i play PvZ instead. I got bored of Overwatch after about 60 games. A lot of the people I play with have already stopped playing as well (the main reason I was playing was to play with friends). I find PvZ to be a much better game in the same genre.

  2. When I want to play a game like BB, Overwatch wouldn’t scratch that itch. It is a completely different game. I don’t have any other games that are similar. Even Smite I feel is very different.

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I don’t understand is this the wrong place for the thread?[quote=“Psychichazard, post:2, topic:1506262, full:true”]
Thread moved to games and tech.

Don’t pick one over the other, they are not the same game.

Overwatch is great though, haven’t played Battleborn because its gameplay doesn’t appel to me.

Between the two I prefer Battleborn. Overwatch is good but it’s not as appealing to me.

You seem to be wanting info on OW. This is the right section as far as this forum goes.

Why do we have to put games into competition with each other? Particularly as they’re very different games in genre and concept. Which means that asking for which is ‘better’ won’t yield a sensible answer… What criteria are you using? I understand why people are asking this question, because it’s a very popular one and the number of comparisons to Overwatch suggest that there must be some merit to the competition. But I’m pretty sceptical. I get that people don’t want to spend money on two expensive games (I’m the same way, and won’t get OW till my bank balance is in the black! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but which one you get is really dependent on which kind of game you want to play, rather than which of them comes up top in this fight.


They are different, what makes one game better than another anyways? Most of what makes a game good or not is how one enjoys it and that is purely subjective since most of us like different things.

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I don’t think a comparison is really fair, as one is TF-styled shooter and the other a MOBA… but that said, I prefer OW strictly because BB runs like garbage on my PC, while OW runs pristinely. Also the queues. More than 20mins in BB queues, while OW finds me matches in 30sec or less.

So none of these reasons have anything to do with the games themselves. Just where I’m at with them.

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no i wont infos on both games pls help why did u move my thread to this form?

you dersh my man which do u like and why bro?

I havnt really played over watch more than a few matches during the beta so I can’t say.

I’m loving bb though

I really love both games, they are different in my opinion it just depends what you wanna play. To me I feel like BB is more fast paste than OW. Although OW there are more features like skins and whatnot they are both really good in the end. Just depends on your mood.

Overwatch matches are straight in and straight on to the next game or you can leave and someone will take you’re place almost always instantly so people dropping out isn’t too bad. Although leaving constantly in a row will eventually give you a permanent XP reduction unless you begin staying in games more. Just as a form of punishment in the background. So in terms of matchmaking it is far quicker than Battleborn.

Combat is faster paced and switching characters is a core part of combat. Sometimes you will encounter multiple of the same hero and the best thing to do is chose a hero that counters them, counter for counters. It makes the experience more interesting. Battleborn doesn’t seem to take countering too seriously as you can usually do the best with what you’ve chosen.

All your abilities are given from the get go and you’re ultimate has a boosted cooldown by engaging in combat. Ultimates in overwatch can also change the tide of battle and completely flip the table. Only some have the power to do that easily, like reapers death blossom in a close crowd of people or Zenyatta’s Transcendence to rapidly heal in a large AoE. Battleborns ultimates are mainly just extra powerful abilities. Ultimate combinations in overwatch can also be devastating. Zarya’s black hole with Hanzo’s dragon strike for example.

Overwatch is far more of a fast paced shooter while Battleborn is a more strategic MOBA like shooter. Personally Overwatch appeals more to me because I like to hop in and out of games and utilise multiple playstyles in one game, also the fast paced shooting and gameplay.