Is pendles legitimately insane

So think about this with me, pendles was on the road of being a hitman as a kid ever since meeting benedict. Now most would think that this is simply because as a kid, he would sorta do whatever he did naively and think it is fine when it clearly is not when an adult says something, however what he says and does just does not point that way. He started a business of killing people with 100 percent guarantee of customer service so no backstabs, is perpetually happy, and goes to birthday parties as a business thing and is friendly even towards the enemy. He behaves similarly to louise from left for dead, being an everyday amnesty personality despite the predicament they are in, as if in denial of what is happening/what there doing is crazy

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Yes what’s your point

He is just -literally- a Psychopath.

I think everyone in Battleborn is insane… Isn’t that kinda the thing they were going for?

You can’t use normal psychology on a snake people evolution it might be culturally acceptable for pendles’ people to be assassin

But they are not in have all his lore, they are wise peaceful race

Like all the eldric faction, but still we got alani (for vengeance; i mean honor), thorn, boldur, miko, melka, Galilea (tho she is corrupted).

I think Kelvin actually fight for his friends (miko) and not for any other specific reason

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I find most of them normal, to be honest.

Benedict is Narcissistic.
Pendles is Psychopathic.
Marquis just completely lost it.
Orendi is naturally insane and uncontrollable, even for her specie.
Toby got insecurities.
Galilea got PTSD.
And Phoebe is a bit crazy on the side.

But the rest is pretty fine.
Montana being the most normal guy of all.

As far as his lore say, he have zero idea what his peoples customs and body evolutions are.

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Hmm, I always thought he was more of a sociopath then just completely losing it, though he is way different than before disconnecting

You just said they were normal then proceeded to list off the insane ones lol. But I see what you’re saying. Deande is next to Montana on the “normal” spectrum

Well, yes, it was faster that way.

If you’re going to use psychology teams I believe Sociopath is more correct. but I could be wrong

Well, sociopath implies he blends in. Psychopaths are obviously off while sociopaths can feign emotion. Considering he’s a robot, that’s slightly outside of his wheelhouse

I was referring to calling pendles insane. he’s not a robot. but true about sociopath implying blending in

It’s a part of the Roa’s life cycle for their arm tentacles to fall off and become giant sea-snakes… I think that’s what Alani said. But yeah, he’s unusually insane for his race.

Nevermind, we can actually say marquis just snapped