Is pet health tied to Fl4k's health?

Is our pet health tied to our own health or did the recent patch/hot fix significantly nerf our pets? My pet feels so much squishier now, and I don’t know why. I have been using a Loaded Dice artifact, which cuts my health by 75%, in the hopes I’ll find other items I really need. But even when I take it off, my pet just drops for no apparent reason. If not for my Friend-Bot class mod, he’d miss 50% of the fights.

Before he seemed to shrug off everything, now he’s dropping in almost every fight. It doesn’t help that I can’t command him to retreat or disengage.

Unfortunately I have no answer to your question, but a question in return: Did you somehow change your build? There are some key skills that make the survival of the pet way easier as they naturally are pretty squishy. Who rescued Who? for example makes all the difference between your pet tanking a bosses hits or dying in 3 hits, at least if Fl4k themselves stays aggressive.


Thank you for that insight. I forgot, I’m using a different class mod that doesn’t have Who Rescued Who. I never put points into it, so I didn’t think to look there. Putting points in there does seem to help. But he’s still going down to simple mobs on M1. Prior to the last patch I was doing M3 and he was reviving me more often than not.

I’ll keep playing around with it. I should have written down every skill and piece of equipment for my builds. I can’t remember what all I had where. :rofl:

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Who rescued who? is really weird to keep track of, as even changing up your guns can screw with the healing. If you for example use Torgue stickies you grant as good as no healing to your pet until the stickies detonate and the pet gets a bunch of healing at once. When I started using the Alchemist my pet suddenly got really low on health and I had to get used to the rhythm.

Hell, even going from the Flakker to a regular shotgun makes such a massive difference as the Flakker hits many targets at once while most other shotguns do not.

Also, speccing in and out of All My BFF’s makes a huge difference. There are just a lot of factors at play.

I would guess it’s you health Regen being nerfed by loaded dice that makes the pet soft. Unlike the front loader shield it removes max health instead of reserving it so your healing is cut to reflect your new health, this only applies to all my bffs, so as stated above damage based healing is better or life steal for all my bffs and loaded dice together.


That makes sense. And while Self-Repairing System is giving me an increase to my health, the Loaded Dice is cutting the max, so the 1.5% max health regen is also suffering due to my lower max health.

I’m going to run some numbers and see what sort of impact I get on my health. It might not be worth it to drop points into SRS, if I’m only gaining a small boost. Plus the order of operations in this game is a bit confusing for me.

I played around with the Front Loader and both Deathless and Loaded Dice, and they work together, but it seems to matter which order you equip them. And when I quit/load I got different numbers as well.

Thank you all for the input and advice.

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I’m not a Flak player myself so I can’t help you with the exact formula but Borderlands 3’s health is all calculated with the same broad formula:

Final Health = ( [ Base Health x boosts x Reducers] + additives ) x Reservers

  • Base health for level 50 is 5948.6.
  • The boosts are all % based health boosts you have added together. This includes guardian rank.
  • The Loaded Dice is classed as a Reducer, you can sub in 0.25 here to see what Loaded Dice does to your Health.
  • Both the Deathless and Frontloader are Reservers, to calculate your health with the Frontloader you can replace Reservers with 0.4. The Deathless will always set your health to 1, so no fancy calculation required there.
  • The additives part is any com or artifact stat that says +x max health.

Any skill that scales off max health will not be affected by the Reservers. So you can see what max health your skills are healing off by just using:

Max Health = [ Base Health x boosts x Reducers] + additives


My healing fl4k doesn’t even use srs or rage and recover.

This actually makes me wonder If All My BFFs shared regen is a numeric or percentage.
Like dose the value change the more Max HP FL4K has or is the shared Regen based on the other players Maximum HP.

If all my BFFs shares the same numaric value as FL4Ks HP regen instead of just giving a friend say 1% of there maximum HP you could do some really crazy Health Gate co op builds.

Have your non FL4Ks run Last Stand Loaded dice with a Stop Gap. They would regen all there HP in seconds and never haft to worry about survivability.

I believe they get percentage based healing through all my bffs; i also doubt terror regen counts through it; didnt seem like it for the pet atleast

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I believe your correct. After about 30 to 40 minutes of testing FL4Ks pets seem to have some innate HP regen, if the HP regen while terrified is doing anything it’s not very much.

Thank you, this information helps a lot. Since the reserve is not impacting my % Max Health regen, then my pet is suffering from that at the very least. When using anything that lowers my normal Max health, it seems to significantly weaken my pet.

Even on simple M1 farming runs, he was dropping, whereas before he could tank on M3, against everything except a few bosses and those annoying purple globes of insta-death (though I did see one appear to take out a bandit, so maybe that’s a tactic I can try).

I guess I’ll have to find another way to improve my drop chance on Fl4k. Maybe there’s a petless-build I can try…

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