Is Piercing Volley Worth It?

(ThisWasAMistake ) #1

I am genuinely curious if now its a viable option to go with now. Thoughts? Also is splinter good? or is cursed volley still the better option.

(beta382) #2

Piercing is the choice for Incursion or Meltdown, because of the later curse and bleed options decimating waves (also because there are a lot of opportunities to hit multiple things due to choke points). Splinter is garbage compared to the other options. Curse is the go-to, but you might take the 7-shot if the enemy team is full of fat characters.

(Nick Infidel) #3

I always go piercing volley, the 15% size in blight seems useless to me, considering the slow comes so late now. You MAY get an extra tick of dmg from the increase size, but even that is negligible compared to the bleed you get at lvl 5.

(ThisWasAMistake ) #4

So piercing at level 1 and cursed arrows at level 4, got it! I knew piercing volley had potential but when it was paired with the slow, it was hard to pick. Volley essentially becomes like KU Bola. What about level 2? Is her new mutation worth picking? It looks good on paper but the casting distance looks nice too.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #5

Well i dont like it… The odds to get the las 300% tick only happens in minions or a lucky shot of someone running through if in the last second.

Once you get the slow it becomes usefull, but thats so late game. I usually go with the distance

(ThisWasAMistake ) #6

Isn’t the slow at level 6?

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #7

Slow and long distance?

(ThisWasAMistake ) #8

Oh no I am just saying it doesnt take very long, for me, to get to level 6 because of her wave clear. Didn’t think 6 was late game lol

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #9

Its true, but from lvl1 to 6 it feels like rly late game lol.

Anything lvl 5 is late game. Everyone unluck their ults. Just like how easy orendi can finish you off if your hp drops around 60%

(PSN: SoloSmile (Lazy faff-about)) #10

The level 1 left option on Thorn’s helix is 15% increase in damage to blight. Not size, last I checked.