Is platinum real?

A reddit post claims he got it, and posted a link with some bla bla about how its possible to get in game, only problem was his username is Beta382… so im not convinced this is from the live game.

Has anyone got anything above gold in the live game?

No I have not…I dont think thats legit either…Id think it would be common knowledge…Id be surprised if devs kept it a secret.

Pretty sure it’s legit. I got platinum ratings in the early access version of the game before the open beta. The screenshot looks like the same thing to me.

edit: It is possible that it has been taken out from the release version though.

I got it just once in beta when my team scored like 90000 in Void’s Edge.

Comparing with my own score on The Renegade, it has to be a screenshot from the beta.


But I honestly have to pay respect for the 131k on The Archive. Amazing!

I dont doubt its real in the beta, but im fairly sure it was taken out in live game :slight_smile:

Platinum Is not in the live game, doing lire challenges farming infinite minion spawns I’ve gotten close to a million score before ands still gold.

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