Is 'Poor "M-Pulse” Controller' really exist?

first, sorry for my bad english.
I want to get this gear so clear 60 or more hardcore advanced Algorithm but it still not dropped
today I get two ‘Hate Reflector’.
I’m very excited when Galactic Emperor drop legendary gear but seriously, TWO Hate Reflector? why not Poor "M-Pulse” Controller? I have THREE Hate Reflector. damn.
when I start this self-mortification, my commander rank is 27. now my commander rank is 86. why getting Poor "M-Pulse” Controller is too hard?

It’s random.
I’ve gotten Poor M-Pulse twice, but I haven’t gotten any Hate Reflectors.
I mostly play on Normal difficulty in Private Games with two friends, if that helps.

thanks for tip. I only try hardcore advanced until now, will trying normal party play tomorrow.

I’m not sure that advanced or hardcore effects the specific loot that drops, as each boss has 2-3 legendaries that they can drop. As I understand it, hardcore/advance simply increase the chances of a legendary or better loot in general (blues/epics included), it’s up to the gods of RNG as to which piece actually drops though.

I don’t remember where I got it, but it does exist:


Wow, that’s kind of disgusting if anyone stands in a minion wave and you kill a minion wave while they’re in it.

Like say a Thorn tosses her ult at you, hitting you and killing the minions around you. That is A LOT of damage to eat.

It’s not, you need to kill a minion with a crit for it to trigger. You can only do that once at a time with normal attacks. Hence why I don’t get why someone would want that legendary, it’s pretty terrible tbh.

Ah, it does say that. Lol, well that doesn’t really look that good at all, since skills never crit. Or at least I’ve never seen skills crit.

I use it on Marquis. I think it’s pretty good if you’re headshotting minions.

I got that one today) Sounds interesting, I’d try it one time.

can you tell me your difficulty?
advanced? normal hardcore?

I’ve gotten 3 of them, two on normal and one on advanced.

Just normal - public PVE queue.

Have it. Never used it.

Does anyone know if the crit damage from Mag Daemon & Lorrian Skill spike can trigger the M-Pulse Controller?

I use it on Oscar Mike to increase Crit Damage and Movement Speed.
The unique trait just lets me focus on one minion at a time with more possible DPS upside.
Anything that lets me save Air Strikes for the big boys is good in my book.