Is powerleveling the only thing anybody cares about in this section?

Almost all the topics I see here are people asking to be powerleveled.
There are limitations to getting drops which are dependent on RNG

  • you could farm for hours and not get anything, of course.
    Needing higher leveled unique quest gear that you got earlier on and can’t get again
    Needing help for killing a raid boss, going through the peak, etc.
    These are all limitations that you may look to the community for, IMO.

Leveling up, is literally something you can just go out and do.
You kill something, you get XP. No RNG involved, it’s a matter of you doing it.
Are people so lazy that everybody wants to just reach max level through somebody else leveling them?
You’re essentially asking someone else to spend their time to carry you
without you doing your part, because you don’t want to spend the time yourself to do it.

I joined the forums 2-3 weeks ago.
I was excited to start playing multiplayer on the PS4, checked the forums daily.
I know I’m new, and maybe I’m not understanding something here
but I was under the impression the Multiplayer/Trade section
was just for that. To find other people to PLAY with, or find someone
to trade gear with.
Not for asking help to get a free ride to max level.
Seeing every thread being about people wanting to be carried that way
takes the fun out of checking this section of the forum for me, to be frank.

If what I said here is a problem, then I’m sure a mod will remove it.
I offered to help once because I saw so many postings here for it,
but the more I think about it the more i feel it takes away from the fun of the forums.
And that’s how I feel.
Just go out and do it yourselves, it’s a game people. go play it


Sadly it seems that way. I started a new zerker cause my close friends bought this game. We are all 61 without boosting. If people just play the game they will lvl. That’s why I stopped power lvling people cause it took the fun away from my game to help someone else. Plus i never would’ve enjoyed this game as much if I hadn’t played through it. So much to miss. It’s honestly sad.

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Just tired of coming into this section
and literally all I see are threads of people asking to be powerleveled.
It really is a shame.
IMO this section should be about people finding friends to play with
posting/looking for trading gear that they’re interested in, etc

I can agree and disagree. If these are people that have not played the game and just want to be highest level, then that’s where I’ll chime in and agree that they need to go through the game and enjoy it, it’s great. But when you’ve beat the story 20+ times I can see where it’d be nice

If you went through the game with two or three characters, and all the way up to max level, then you maybe just dont wanna go ahead and level the turret man, as example :wink: , up again. I dont think people let themselves getting powereleveled for no appearant reason, and if they dont have a reason just let them have their fun, because thats what it is all about. And if you dont want anyone to powerlevel, then just tell them of the much faster way to do it, and im not talking about playing or powerleveling.

I can vaguely see the attraction in power leveling as I’ve done it in the past, purely to get through NVHM as quickly as possible, but I do agree that there seems to be a minimal number of people actually just wanting to play the game and enjoy playing. Everyone seems to just want to tear through the game, decked out in 100% legendary gear!!!

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Me personally, I love this game. On PS3 I did everything possible and had everything. I sold my PS3 when PS4 came and was never able to update and cross save. I power leveled my characters after the 1st run through (TVHM). B2 is not new and millions of people played it before, I bet it’s 50/50 chance that most people power leveling are like me and the new people are just following like drones. I don’t think this ruins the game because its very easy to find decent people to play with through match making. If B2 THC was new I’d say yes it is ruining the game… But it’s not and still fun no matter level you are

I think many are misinterpreting the intentions of my original post
I didn’t post my thread to discuss the merits/demerits of powerleveling.
What others do don’t affect my enjoyment of the game since it’s not a
PvP setting, at least it shouldn’t.

I brought it up as it was really taking away from the community experience.
This is the multiplayer/trading section.
Powerleveling someone could be considered multiplayer, I guess.
But my point was that, when people come onto this side of the forums,
they’re not coming on thinking
“I wonder who needs powerleveling help today.”
I would think, when people come on here, they are

  1. Looking for others to play the game with
  2. Looking for help on difficult parts they can’t get through solo
  3. Looking for help on gear or a trade for a gear they want.

What I’ve seen in my time on the forums is that this section has been 80% used
by people asking to be powerleveled.
And to me, that really takes away from the forums
That was what I was trying to get across in my original post.

I understand that BL2 has been out for many years already and there are those
that played the story a million times.
I myself the one time I offered to help powerlevel met an awesome friend
who was actually around my level (61) so we leveled to 72 together
and finished unlocking OP8 together yesterday; we play everyday.
But I was trying to make the point that when every thread is about one topic
that IMO isn’t really relevant in this section, to me it feels way excessive for something
that you really could be doing yourself without anyone’s help.


@Yongsan, I understand and agree with your sentiment.

I disagree because you know why people want to powerlevel? because most of us, are hardcore BL2 players, who lost their progress when we migrated to next gen, and some of us, just don’t have the time, the energy or the patience to run through again, you know the feeling of loosing your best gear? BA ranks? hours and hours or gameplay? this isn’t destiny where you can reach the max level in a day, this BL, and the best content are better enjoyed playing with the highest level.
But if you’re new to the game and want to powerlevel as fast, that’s where I kind of agree with you.

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There are tons of other threads on here. The best ones are the strategy guides for each class and the threads of people trying to meet up for co-op in general (rather than powerleveling). Then we have speculation threads about potential future content/games. And plenty of complaint threads. And another major category is “how to beat certain guys and/or get good loot”.

I don’t mind it too much if they are also doing their best to help at the same time. But if I’m going to go to the guardian hunter quest to powerlevel dudes, I better be getting some experience out of it too. And the guys who are benefiting should be:

a) speccing into skills to help me
b) collecting ammo and moonstones
c) equipping gear to help me
d) RESing me if I need it
e) debuffing the enemies and/or buffing me
f) using their action skills

Also, I’d rather go play story/side missions anyhow. So if those low level guys join, they should be helping any way they can as listed above.

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Please read my reply again…
I didn’t post this thread to discuss why people want to powerlevel
or whether it’s right or wrong.

I posted because all new topics now are powerleveling requests.
How anybody chooses to enjoy the game is completely up to them
Who are we to tell someone else how to play the game? there is no right way

I’m posting with regards to its use within the forum.
I feel the multiplayer/trading section is being flooded with those requests
and the real purpose for this section-
finding others to play with, ask for help on tough quests/bosses, trading for gear you want-
is being buried underneath those requests.

I created 2 threads for people to request powerleveling/people to help out.
Hopefully that changes things a bit, I dont know.

Again, I’ll reiterate:
It is not my concern why someone wants to get boosted
whether its right or wrong.
Im discussing this with regards to the forums.

I get that there are other threads.
but you look at all the new threads popping up,
they’re mostly with people asking to be boosted.
Im talking about how those threads are found
after sifting through the heaps of boosting requests

I kid you not, on my screen the day I posted this thread
there were 9 threads all different people asking to be boosted.
And this was by the point I was already pretty frustrated with seeing those same threads for days.
That is all I’m saying- that I as a forum user want to see this section of the forum
being used for what I think was the purpose intended:

Finding Friends to play with
Asking for help on tough quests/bosses
Trading for gear you want

I can’t say anything if you say asking to be boosted is part of that experience.
But it being flooded with those same exact topics burying those threads I find more relevant
to me seems to be a problem.