Is PS4 split-screen any better than launch?

Title. Asking because my daughter is coming over to game and she is staying several weeks and I haven’t tried split-screen yet. We actually prefer horizontal but is the performance fine? Is menu lag a huge issue? What should I have to look forward too?

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So right now splitscreen actually got worse regarding menus on ps4… I mean there’s still the whole lag in firefights - but most recently trashing items is the biggest headache. It got bugged on ps4 so you can’t trash items in your backpack until whenever the next patch is.

You have to equip an item, go to a bank, or go to a vending machine in order to mark it as trash. And during any of those operations there a chance the item you’re looking at is marked as equipped when it’s not - or vice versa. There’s also a chance that the item you’re looking at will display the image of something in the other players inventory, not even your own gear.

So overall there was not really a performance improvement, and a new bug is out making things even less enjoyable. Hope you have better luck than we’re having… Happy hunting

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Hasn’t been any improvement since launch, same buggy menus. The game basically freezes when one person opens their menu.

Not sure if you are aware of the tiny menu and UI text size but it hasn’t been fixed either. People have a tough time reading it from a couch setting even on good sized TVs, some people think its just fine but I haven’t had any luck even keeping track of quests because we can’t rad the quest check boxes from our couch 10ft from a 60" TV.

Here is a thread on the text size - Split screen text size

Thread on how well Split Screen works - Split Screen still horrible

Massive thread for Vertical but also contains alot of other opinions on split screen in general - Horizontal/Vertical Splitscreen?

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So I’m better of just not marking anything as fav/trash whatever to make is a bit easier?

Mate, my vision is for ■■■■■. Old age, hard drugs, stress, lol, I’m probably legally blind. I think the text is tiny when I have the entire screen so yeah, I’ll probably have to have my teenage daughter read to me lol.

Thanks for the feedback fellas. So basically here we are over a month past release with basic functionality not intact. For the sake of ■■■■■ lads. I hope it’s not as bad as it’s seeming up.


I just had my eyes checked and its still rough but like I said some people are having better luck for whatever reason might be a TV thing or something Not sure but I’ve heard people with 4k and without have the same issue.

Either way good luck I hope it works out and you have a blast playing!

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Definitely mark things you want to keep as favorites… Like I was saying if you go to the vending machine in splitscreen to sell things - the items in your inventory won’t match the pictures you’re seeing when you try to sell an item…

Like if I went to sell some green and white guns… A legendary I have equipped might get sold because I went and just sold everything with a green or white picture.

Menus are horribad in splitscreen, not just the last they cause in firefights but then too. Favorite things either by equipping them or going to the bank before going to a vending machine. Always always always favorite important stuff


Thanks brother!

Kinda wish PlayStation had the tech to do two monitors out. I have matching 22’ Alienware Monitors, would be cool to run one out for each of us and do split screen like that!

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On a separate note, Playstation did in the past utilize 3d TV tech so that player one and two each had a fullscrern experience based on the glasses they used or where they sat in relation to the TV… Developers just didn’t take off with it. This was like 5 years ago or something…

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Gotcha. Will do.

Also due to changing my key-bindings I no longer have the option to sell all junk anyways. I have to sell one at a time.

Thanksbfor the heads up brother.