Is purple tree the worst borderlands skill tree ever?

I like the snare, confused variant. I’m just disappointed they didn’t make it a debuff/survivability tree in general. It would make up for TTK and DPS loss. If the tree in general created ways to disable, weaken enemies, then you wouldn’t care about less damage since TTK might be the same. You’d be an absolute monster with red/purple though.

The knock down should be electrocute or something that effect ( ‘shield stripper’ with all the same health and ammo drops). Maybe while it’s out it increases recharge rate.

The pet shield is fine. Fix the loader FFYL mechanic. Maybe it creates a singularity and jams enemy weapons when it blows itself up.

Wooly armor could be a debuff against armor instead based on whatever condition. They could also have done another stack skill like “Attack the body, the head will fall” a victory rush type augment that stacks normal hits for a few seconds of double criticals ( yes, make it anti synergy with megavore just to force choices). I don’t know - all the emphasis on Pet damage seems unnecessary since they’ve fixed the scaling. I’d rather more utility from the tree.


does anyone think there are some good early skills in purple? i am thinking agility training because 40% reload speed is very helpful(plus the pet apparently gains increased reload speed) but i am not sure if its better than second intention

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I keep trying builds with the new purple tree but I just can’t seem to find one that’s working consistently. And Gravity Snare is rather inconsistent for an action skill too.

Agility Training is better than Second Intention simply for being passive. You need a critical kill and Big Game for Second Intention to be even close to Agility Training.

As for good early skills, do you mean in general or for gun FL4K? Gotta Go Fast is fully multiplicative with all other pet damage, so a 35% damage buff in tier 1 is very good imo. And of course Throatripper is tier 2.

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thank you i had a feeling agility training was better but wasnt 100% sure, i was thinking in general i do have a fl4k who i am not investing much into the pet but want to get a few mid skills in purple and i didnt touch gotta go fast but went with agility training and success imminent(just so i could get to tier 3) but i am thinking gotta go fast was a better pick than success imminent even though i am not going for a pet build, might switch those up

throatripper is so good with monkey do, its just a pity monkey do is so far into purple

If you don’t plan to invest in the pet, purple tree is worthless for you. It’s really bad for gun damage, and every point spent in the tree takes away from damage you could get in other places.


Basically just here to echo the majority of what @boombumr has said. The purple tree gave me the ability to solo a raid on Mayhem 11 while making a sandwich. Literally.

It turns the pet into a destroyer of worlds. The purple tree (for the pet) adds:

  • Pet takes 75% less damage.
  • +40% increased movement speed.
  • 15% chance to crit.
  • 70% increased crit damage.
  • Pet gets a copy of your shield.

It goes on and on. The point is, the purple tree was the missing link in pet-build viability. However, like he said, if you don’t want to focus on a pet it’s pretty pointless. Also traps are… meh.

I would say that for both pet builds and Deathless builds Purple skill tree definitely does what it does. The real problem is that Madcap, Beskar and the new Dominance came along with the fourth and it became super easy to sustain Deathless without Fuzzy Math, making the tree pretty meh. I just wish a slight damage buff, bug fixes and renewed Snare; then I’ll be pretty happy to play with it.