Is Rakkslag fixed?

I havent seen anything in patch notes or on YT, has anyone tested to see if they have fixed this anoint?

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@vCarpeDiemv I have not but I just got a Rakkslag OPQ. I will try it later tonight. My recollection is that Rakkslag doesn’t work on the Jack statue, right? I can never remember what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the Jack statue.

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I am sorry, but remind me what was this problem again?

It didn’t work, like at all. No damage buff would be added after Rakks damaged an enemy.

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I ll test if they stealth fixed it like the slam anoint (which did not work for 7 months and now works despite the deafening silence about it in the patch notes)

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Tested:Rakk attack 100% increased damage anoint does not work.


Good on you, @olivier_shady.

It’s a shame too, with last weeks anoint nerfs it would have pushed this anoint much further up the ladder.

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Rakkslag has been broken for so long now that I kind of forgot about it.

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When did this happen? I remember a time when it was working?

@olivier_shady I believe it was broken with one of the patches back in early 2021? I don’t remember specifically which one, but it hasn’t worked for closing in on 3-4 months now at least. Same patch that broke SNTL cryo also broke Rakkslag as I recall. Just going off memory here though.

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So it must be around the same time were gamma burst and fade away accuracy anoints were broken, it is strange I missed this problem, I wrote a giant report at this time there were so many broken anoints. I guess I d have to pester them again.

So my ticket concerning this problem was officially accepted and forwarded to devs today. See you in 6 months for the fix! :joy:


Ha! I remember when I sent in a ticket for this anointment and they said the same thing! That was 5 months ago! Gearbox are legendary pranksters :joy:


Wow… Wish I would’ve known this. I’ve been farming for Rakk attack anoints all week. And ran out of eridium re-rolling sh#t to the Rakk anoint.


So for my Rakk build I guess I should be using ASE next two mags still?

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URad and ASE Splash are still the most potent even after the nerf.

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Awesome. Thanks for the response. Only select weapons can get splash anoint though, right? And I’d love to use URad, but I just leveled to 72 recently and gotta farm all that stuff all over again Lol.

Here is a brilliant list of all things splash related

Nice. Thanks bro.

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I’m not 100% sure how up to date that list is, Lootlemon might be a better source for SP2 entrees.

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Alright. Got ya.

Yeah, I noticed that post hasn’t been updated since 2020. Still, somewhat useful though.

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