Is Ranked Play Still Coming?

When the game first started, Ranked play was one of the (many) things announced that would be coming in a latter date. At that time I didnt care all that much, just another mode to try out. But after the recent matchmaking “fix” the game has gone to complete crap. Ya I can get into a game under 5 minutes. But the games are so lopsided and unbalanced since there are complete noobs that dont understand how the game is played along with experienced players that know all the ins and outs of the game.

I feel like one of the best ways to address this (other than just rolling back the matchmaking “fix”) is to add Ranked play.

Adding a ranked play lets all the noobs play in an unranked setting, while letting the more experienced players have a fun competitive match, without having to carry 4 pototoes on thier team.

Since release I have not seen a single post regarding ranked play. Is this something that is still coming? Is it coming soon? Any information on this would be great.


Yes, Ranked gameplay modes are still coming. ETA? Unknown.


Have they posted about this? link?

I havent seen/heard anything since launch. And with all the worries about how long it takes matchmaking to work, I feel like they may not add it for fear of splitting the playerbase more and making matchmaking times longer.

We won’t see ranked gameplay until the population rises. Queues would be out of control again.

Im going to throw out a time window - September. That is when you can expect Ranked games to appear by :stuck_out_tongue:

If its sooner then i will be pleasantly surprised and i fully expect to be high up on those leaderboards by the time they are released too :sunglasses:

If that is true then it will never come out

What matters I think is what else is being worked on at the time, what resources they have to spare and where this falls on their list or priorities. They are working on it but I don’t know how urgent it is and how much resources they are spending on it. They are also working on the first variation of a spectator mode. When these are ready they will probably just drop them in our lap without any fanfare. We’ll just check the Battleplan one week and they’ll be there on the list of fixes, balance changes, and new additions.

I think GBX made a very nice and fun game but competetive aspect of the Battleborn doesnt exist at the moment and i am worried whether they can come up with smth crucial in the nearest future.

I was playing Guild Wars 2 since release and story of BB reminds me so much of what happend to GW2 at the beginning. It was a nice game with a lot of fun in PvP but they didnt think of any matchmaking,competetive play and rankings. So everything ended up by a lot of palyers quitting the game (

Agreed. Unless they can fix matchmaking I wont continuing playing. Its just no fun when every game is full of players who act like they have never held a controller in their hands before

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Well if that is the case, just remember to try and help as best you can. Or disguise your hatred with smart comments XD

I’d assume they are delaying ranked play until they solve the debacle of their matchmaking

Ranked play would solve the matchmaking debacle they currently have.