Is Reflux even dropping?

This drop rate on even M10 is ridiculous. I haven’t seen a single one.

It feels impossible to get the one I want for my Amara. Redundant with 50% Shock ASE.


I got one a few days ago, but it took me 47 kills and it wasn’t worth a crap with the anointment and it was x7 instead of 14 :confused: Just how this game is atm, drops are horrendous. I just stopped playing for now, it’s really not worth the time and effort atm IMHO


Yeah, that’s a bummer. I’m not sure how its this bad. I had more luck farming Kaoson.


That whole fight is annoying I had two drop a x7 and a x14 both with trash annointments. Didn’t want no further squabbles with that crazy zigzagging broad


It’s very annoying because you have to wait for her stupid zig zagging before you can even do proper damage to her after the initial shield break. Just one of many stupid phases bosses have on this game that purposefully slow down the fight to a crawl for arbitrary periods of time. Also just the shear amount of spam she does with her corrosive orbs and what not are already obnoxious and they stick around long after she is dead to still down you sometimes too if you are very unlucky. I would say crap boss is crap, but sooooo many of the boss fights in BL3 are pretty horrendous if I’m being honest.

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I don’t mind the fight all that much. Just wish drops were actually happening.

Foreal those times I couldn’t get that initial one shot off to end it, I have to listen to this mechanical whore scream and she runs around the screen

I killed Katagawa Jr like 30 times for a Sandhawk, didn’t drop it. If you play Driver Amara and have OPQ you can insta-kill him when he splits into his clones.

How’s a kill like that work exactly? That would make farming him less of a pain.

Has something to do with the shock nova of the OPQ. If you shoot right when the clones spawn it seems to spread the damage. I play Amara so maybe something to do with Indiscriminate and her elemental boosts.

Dedicated drop levels dont increase with mayhem or playthrough mode unfortunately. i wish theyd scale that instead of world drops. ive farmed her with my fl4k for 2 hours but could only get 2 to drop, and not even with good anointments

My wife n i farmed her for an hour at m10 rill my wife said its boring. We got garbage world drops. I personally just wanted to see the shield even…nada

I farmed her yesterday and got 2 to drop in about an hour.

Both cash infused, very similar stats.

I’ve found a few, for the most part cash infused not the redundant I want though. I found a redundant with consecutive though which was a win, but I want sntnl cryo, which I got same day but on cash infused. Wish I could swap the annoints around lol.

I got a few to drop. Nothing great tho.

I find if something just isn’t dropping from one boss, I’ll go farm another with success. Then go back to that other one later and usually have better luck. When RNG doesn’t want you to have something, it really doesn’t want you have something.

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I farmed geniviv for 12 hours straight one day and had a total of three drop. 2 were cash infused with no annoint and the final one was a redundant with a decent annoint.

Chance for a dedicated drop is 1/10, chance for it to be a Reflux is 1/5 so the chance to get one is 1/50.

Over 5 hours farming w/ YC and 75+ kills M10 w/ PS4 load times. 1 shield (junk) and 0 Reflux. Masochism anyone? SMH

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The loot in this game has always been bad to get through farming. Yet things like Yellowcake that is OP’d as heck and OPQ can easily be farmed and it’ll drop more generous than other non-event weapons.

It’s like it hard to get our hands on the desired weapons because of RNG. It’s absolutely disgusting and don’t get me into why I dislike going to the trading section. Farming for stuffs what they want just for a weapon is too brutal for me to do

Nah, just farming for one is not masochism. Farming for one with the right element, weapon parts and anointment knowing that the next level cap increase is going to make it “useless” again however is.