Is Remastered harder?

Is HWRM harder than HW2? I am having trouble on these 8 player maps with 3vs5 with Expert random CPUs.

Kinda vague complaint there Mikail. Sure you didn’t just forget how to play after all these years? :stuck_out_tongue: The rest of us relicnews dolts have done a couple comp stomps now and had no issues.

It’s fun as hell to run off with hiig and vaygr destroyers. :smiley:

I won my first game as Hiig, but have lost every other game since. Once they start pumping out destroyers I can’t defend myself.

Are you playing HW1 or HW2 races?

You’re countering their dessys with your own dessys or bc’s right? Remember anything smaller is gonna be so many vapor clouds in short order. Also don’t forget scout emp if you’re hiig.

I always choose Hiig. And I try to rush destroyers or BC but I just can’t keep up with production.