Is Reyna's ultimate weak?

So far she’s my favourite character. Her ability to shield friendlies, buff damage and blast through shields like they’re paper make her the best support in the game IMO. I think what is holding her back at the moment is the fact that her ultimate is a little weak and some her best game changing helix options are hidden behind the mutation system.

My problem with her ultimate is the push back effect. I’m finding it really hit and miss with enemy heroes. Sometimes even if there are no obstacles preventing them from moving backwards they’ll just stay where they are or slowly move back a couple of feet. A lot of the time they seem to still be able to keep moving towards you the entire time the shield is deploying, just being slowed down a small amount. Shouldn’t this ultimate have a bit more force to it than that? I was expecting to be able to use it to counter getting swarmed by melee characters, but right now I’m kind of just using it to create a nuisance in doorways.

Does this seem like an issue to anyone else or am I just not using it correctly? I mean, it’s great when it’s deployed, but the shield drops so fast and takes so long to initiate I haven’t been in any situations yet where I felt I couldn’t get by without it.

Her ult is a bit of a letdown. Enemies like phoebe have no problem pushing through, though use this on a Rath who dreadwinds. It’s pretty funny to have them waste their ultimate spinning around ineffectually. To me this is really used (to coin a term from Havic) zoning.

Look at the other support tho, Miko gets a supply station drop that has stellar heals and lasts till destroyed or till his cooldown resets, kleese gets a pull that does heavy damage, and Ambra gets a massive explosion.

I’d like a longer timer to compete with others and maybe a shield or health charge while in the bubble. 8 seconds is so minimal…

I think it would be better if it at least lasted a little longer. I have best results just taking on sentry’s with it with enemy team mates that are too clueless to push into our chosen spot. The few seconds can be a breather for someone ELSE to drop a good ultimate on the sentry.

I have also used it as a wall to back up to take shots at a Marquis that’s too dumb to realize that he can’t shoot through it. Marquis players that play stairwell hero, don’t tend to be the brightest crayons in the box, lol.

Yea, I guess I feel like the purpose of an ultimate is to turn the tide or drive in that nail. I do not feel Rayna’s ultimate is capable of that.

I would completely disagree with her ult being weak, yes melee characters just ignore it but that’s not really the point. You get as much cooldown reduction as you can including the level 5 talent that gives you 15 percent CDR since it’s as long as YOU have an overshield, not an ally. After that use your ult to protect a minion wave, provide a safe exit for an ally, or do the bubble bump. I made a post about what the bubble bump is but basically you jump at someone and ult and it knocks them farther back then just pressing ult. Use this to push people off of an important objective such as thrall camps (I made a post about it, go check it out). The “game changer” factor of the ult is simply that if your running a lot of CDR (which you absolutely should) then you can use it a lot so it’s much more versatile then any other ult in the game.

IMO her ulti is like everything else with reyna, it depends on timing, a well timed bubble can save your teammates ass, but will propably be your death, my biggest issue with her ulti is the fact that you cant move until reyna finishes the animation, is most cases i’m fighting against melees, like rath, shane & aurox or galilea, if i launch the bubble they get bumped out but they run directly back into it and attack me, and i can do nothing about it, in most cases i’m nearly dead before ich can even move, if theres an orendi in the opposing team i’m dead before i can leave it, i launch the bubble, orendi makes a shadowfire pillar, galilea engages me while i cant move and stuns me, i’m dead without any chance to move,and thats my biggest problem with the ultimate, the only reason i even use it is the -15% CDR and the helix lvl 10 mutation, otherwise i wouldn’t even use it