Is Rubi enough for melee zer0 from UVHM to OP8?

I always read Rubi as an alternative to Grog and yet every single video I watch uses a grog. So I gotta ask, since I don’t wanna use a gibbed grog for some reasons, is the rubi enough? Thoughts? Experiences?

A bladed grog is easier to get than a bladed slag rubi (as a result of the loot hunt last year), which is probably why more people use it.

Heck, I’ve seen a no heal gear melee run of the Peak, so anything is possible. Rubi should be good enough.

Bladed Grogs were more popular than Rubis even before then loot hunt…

… yeah.

The Rubi should be fine for whatevery you’re using it for, espically if you’re in OP levels.

The problem is that the grog is just better than the rubi, more healing (not relevant in OP levels), a crit damage bonus (only aplicable for sal anymore, but still), higer slag chance, and the drunk effect all contribute to most people chosing the grog over the rubi.

The only thing the Rubi really has over the grog is that it can actually do some damage on its own, but concidering it’s a maliwan pistol (therefore not exactly known for doing outstanding damage) it’s not even that great of a choice for that.

I just got back from a 2-year break, and I missed the event wherein you can have a “permanent” grog hence I’m contemplating on the Rubi.

It won’t heal as much as a Grog, but it’ll get the job done provided you’re careful.