Is salvaging ever going to be corrected? Plus more rants about HW1RM

What I mean is, carriers are far less useful in campaign since salvagers will only take their prey to the mothership. Even if that means committing radiation suicide in the supernova mission >.> I can’t see any reason for them to not take frigates to the nearest carrier. I’d also like to know if salvaging command is ever gonna come back instead of the god awful method of waypointing 2 vettes at a time when you’re trying to grab every ship they’re sending at you. Salvaging as a whole still feels so broken imo, speed of 150? Really? an upgraded HW2 destroyer is 156. A DESTROYER SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO OUTRUN A CORVETTE INTENDED TO GRAB THINGS.

I see so much work being done on this Multiplayer beta and balancing the races for skirmishes, which is fine and all, but how about making the game that isn’t supposed to be a beta not be basically the quality of a beta release? I’m not intending to sound offensive here, well maybe a little bit it’s hard not to, but some of the errors are laughably bad. Like the raider carrier for some reason not retaliating in any way.

Makes me sad since I’ve had to boycott the game for months now to avoid tearing my hair out, hoping desperately that things will get fixed. But alas, my favourite game’s remake is still broken. In so many ways.


I’m in total agreement. The issues you talk about, if fixed, would go a long way in restoring the HW1 game.

I loved carriers as I could hyperspace them to some frigates, capture them with salvage corvettes, take them to the carrier and leave. Now I can’t do that.

Check back in a few months, I still haven’t bothered to actually play RM yet myself.

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Play it.

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I won’t give Gearbox the satisfaction.

Why not?

If you don’t play it and post what is wrong that STILL needs fixing how is it going to be addressed? None of the points made are wrong, to get the issues fixed the devs need to know about them, you don’t bring them up or continue to make light of the issues then they won’t get fixed. Play single player or skirmishes if you like but post the problems so they do get addressed. Those of us here and playing aren’t all going to be looking at the same things you will so don’t expect the issues to all be picked up by those still playing.

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I have posted about it before. I’ve even posted in their various bug reporting threads. Even then, they’re overwhelmingly obvious bugs, ones you physically cannot complete the main mission without running into. It is so, hilariously, laughably, persistent.

There is an entire megathread dedicated to that. Like the OP said, his frustration isn’t that the bugs exist- it’s that that they still exist months after release and more importantly didn’t even exist in the originals which makes them that much more annoying.