Is Schadenfreude broken?

I thought I read or saw somewhere that this skill was broken and didn’t work. While playing it seems I wasn’t getting a shield regen as expected, but I can’t verify it. I was wondering if anyone else has been able to?

Aside from it being straight up confirmed by Gearbox, the community has tested and accepted that Schadenfreude is completely broken.

Which is really unfortunate since it would be Zane’s best Digiclone Augment paired with Digital Distribution, essentially making Zane immortal.

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Well, it’s not completely broken.
For a test I did equip Rough Rider and a +Shield Capacity mod. Went to the Droughts then let Skags and Bandits damage the clone. When your shield is damaged a blue thing flies from your Clone and heals your shield when it connects to you.
Afterwards I put on a Recharger, let the Bandits damage my shields, cast Clone and get again blue thingies flying towards me, healing my shield when the Clone is damaged.

So it is not completely broken and it can work fine. Now to broken part: At some point it did not work anymore. It looks like there might be some bug (maybe with Guardian ranks?) that makes it stop working at full shields (it does check for full shields, so either the check is stopped or it “believes” the shield is still full; for example with normal shields it looks like the effects stops to work when your normal shield regeneration fully recovers your shield; it still seems to stop for RR+Shield at some point, so that would not be the (only?) trigger.

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If it was working it might not have that synchronized effect. Would be interesting, though.