Is SEGA out of the Franchise ?!?

I was just on google to take a look, when comes a new Alien game, and from wich studio.

And yes, I´ve found something. It´s nothing BIG, I think.

It´s from the Zen Studios, who made all the Pinball games. Check out the link.

But I´m wondering about the score. No SEGA at all but FOX digital Entertainment (and of course 20th Century FOX). Or is this this game to tiny for the franchise and runs directly to FOX?

It would be nice to see a new publisher on the franchise. SEGA milking the cow for toooo long, and made toooo much mistakes (not only on A:CM).

IIRC, SEGA had the franchise only for a certain number of years. Can anyone confirm that?

Also, what happens to all of their developer tools for titles like A:CM? I guess they still won’t want to release the tools for us to use?

If only there was a way to convince them to give the tools to us…

What a lot of people don’t realize is they are probably using licenced tools customized specifically for the development of this game, or general licenced tools used right across the development of many games. Alot of these “workhorse” prefabs are licenced via seats, and ownership is never transferred.

Unfortunately it means nowadays unless the Dev makes user-end modding tools themselves you wont be able to get your hands on the in-house tools no matter how much you ask, as its illegal to distribute them

Nope. I can´t confim that. Just found that link, without SEGA score.

But I remember a phonecall from a friend of my who is working for SEGA in germany. He said: “Isolation is maybe the last Alien game by SEGA”.

If this is true, we can wait for a long time to get a new Alien game. The Alien franchise isn´t well popular in the game industrie, specelly after the last 6 or 7 years. ^^

Sure, you can make money with it, no doubt. But if you can´t setisfy the “Alien” gamers, the $hitstorm is huge.

You know, I working for EA since years, in the QM. I´ll testing games for there quaility and stuff like that. I remember well the first alpha demo of A:CM in 2001 or 2002 and some other Alien titels by EA. My recommend for this projects was to cancel it. It was very, very poor made (story, Characters) and from the heart of a true Alien fan, I had to stop this. And of course, I wasn´t intrest of a broken image for EA. The only “good” game was AvP / Extincition

In 2003, EA gives up the franchise and it went to SEGA. The rest is history…

I mean, there is a good reason why there was no “AAA” Alien game since AvP2 from 2001 till AvP 2010. No publisher wanna have this ungreatful franchise. ^^

Oh, and about the SDK. I think it will go down in the cold grave with the end of the licence for SEGA. Or, myabe one staff load this stuff “by a accident” into the web. Ya know what I mean?!? GBX?!? :wink:

Yes! Right!

GBX, or the thousend other studios who worked on ACM, used a edited Unreal 3 Enigine, for better lightning and shadows (no it´s not a joke!!!). It called red ring engine. In 2007 it was state of the art to use the UE3. But if you look on other games from this time like “Batman Arkham Asylum”, made with the UE3, you may see some quality diffrents.^^

I think the problem was the thousend studios who worked on ACM. And no one had a clue about this edited UE3 to use it right and efficient. I mean, ACM uses almost 1 GB till 1,5 GB RAM (stocked version) O-o.

Other UE3 games maybe 500MB. ^^

I was one who didn’t realise that! Thanks for the insight.

If SEGA is done with the license, good riddance. SEGA always has such short support windows after their games. Luckily, CA made a solid game that didn’t require much patches/bug fixes.

What Aliens needs is a story first developer, like naughty dog or rock star, to partner with a tight controls/gameplay developer like DICE or Bungie. That’s the aliens FPS we deserve.

I think the studios in the past were ok for Aliens or AvP. It was SEGA, I think, that they wan´t to turn AvP or ACM into a stupid and boring COD or BF game. COD and BF are the best selling fps games (and I have no fucking clue,WHY?!?).

SEGA wanna jump too on the COD and BF train with the Alien franchise. I´m sure we only get a solid survival game after ACM, becouse of the huge $hitstorm.

Not heard anything solid, only Rumors. I read an interview with Rebellion a year or two ago and they mentioned something about possibly doing another AVP. There was also some rumors floating around about Creative Assembly hiring people for An Alien Isolation 2 with Coop this time but again its just rumors at this point. Personally I would like to see an Aliens game done very similar to Killing Floor 2, no real story needed, just a good all around coop shooter. Add in some great new multiplayer modes to round it out and put it out with some editing tools and bam!

since downloading the TemplarGFX OH 4 mod and 4.5 update for ACM I have been enjoying every bit of it, I really wish the only people involved with the creation of ACM before and after release, was Gearbox, as they have done quality games over the years and their demo was by far everything I would have hoped for from any aliens game…

however that being said, I have been playing the new Tom Clancey Ghost Recon WIldlands and both myself and a mate, got on the subject of if there was ever another ACM type game what would we want and how would we like it done…

we both agreed that if it was done in same style as Wildlands, open world, but with all the authentic weapons from the USCM arsenal, the ability to drive around in APC’s, fly Dropships, and have squads of marines for Co-Op play, whereby each marine can break off from the group and do there own thing if they feel like it or should the need arise where taking out a strategic target would mean it could effect the outcome of the mission the rest of the squad is on, even if this little side run is just to get a lightly guarded drop ship

would be nice to see a more team based ALIENS game again

and since it would be open world you could have not only the USCM but the UNCM, UKCM, RUCM and so on and every weapon available would reflect on their nationality yet not be exclusive to…

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