Is SHiFT code redemption from the website not working anymore?

i ask because for the last couple week when i went to put the new keys in i get a message of “this shift code does not exist” even though the code works when entered in game, this has happened when entering both borderlands 2 and pre sequel key codes.

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Someone on XB1 was having the same issue. Turns out there were updated Terms and Conditions that had to be accepted before the system could be used properly again. So make sure you’ve checked for and done that if necessary. If you’re still having a problem after that, SHiFT support is here:

Note that a response may be a little slow as it’s a holiday weekend.

Edit: Here’s how you accept the new ToS in BL2/TPS:

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I can’t get the shift codes to work on the website either. I enter the code and it tells me to pick a system, but there is no icon of the different systems to select.

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Unholy necro, Batman!

I was a bit late with the most recent code, but the option for platform is appearing for me:

Are your platform(s) still showing as linked on this page:

If not, check that your account info is correct.

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