Is shock worth using in Pre sequel UVHM

just wondering because I just finished TVHM and I got a corrosive rossie which kinda sucks but do i need a shock weapon for the bosses since those are the things I am probably gonna have a hard time with if so can I found any good shock weapons in the claptastic DLC because I am going to play though that today

Shock is pretty much a requirement for certain bosses, but because of the amplified strengths and weakness I got a feeling that it’ll suck pretty hard. Which is sad because a Mechromancer under the Little Big Trouble tree was fun. Now Slag and possibly Anarchy are mandatory due to the stupidly high amount health and resistances.

i agree with bl2 guys post …but hes talkin specifically about the pre sequel …which i would tell him it does have some level of usefulness

and you should fine some stuff worth grabbing…glitched weapon form…or other


Well I’m guessing the things I said still stand to a degree. I haven’t tried an UVHM playthrough of the Pre Sequel yet, so no way for me to help you out further.

I would answer that with a solid “yes”; shock is worth using in Pre-Sequel UVHM. Also, don’t knock that corrosive Rosie just yet - it will come in handy for the Claptastic Voyage.

If you’re strapped for a good shock weapon, Moxxi’s Vibra Pulse is not a shabby shock weapon and is easy to get.

Shock weapons are very important in the presequel since so many enemies have shields. It seems to me that shock weapons are much more important in tps than they are in bl2.

thanks for all the tips guys I am currently very close to the end of my UVHM playthrough