Is Short Fuse working?

It seemed that after the much needed Hex nerf patch Short Fuse stopped proccing like, at all.

Now after the last patch I can’t tell if it does or not. It looks like there are additional explosions(sometime but doesn’t feel no where near the 20% proc rate of before) but most notably the explosion sounds are not there…

…so this leaves me very confused.

I’m tryin to test on my Blaster come build but if anyone had any testing results of info to share, please do

Thanks a bunch, Vault Hunters!

It’s proccing for me on PC with my Shreddifier.

Does Short Fuse proc the other splash damage skils like MoD / Torgue Cross Promo ?

It used to, but some people have been saying it’s bugged.

PC. Laser Sploder and Maggie have worked. Of you want a really good test, grab a standard Jakobs shot gun, and shoot something. There’s enough pellets there that it should proc at least once every time?

I’m pretty sure after last patch, GbX secretly nerfed it so it doesn’t count as splash damage anymore.

It doesn’t seem to proc any of the splash damage skills anymore .

It’s sad

They definitely all still proc on PC for sure. All of them.

I’m on ps4 unfortunately

Then I can’t make any promises, but, seeing as it works properly on PC, if they aren’t working, GB is trying to fix it. I hope you see your explosions of Fire and Destruction again soon.

Yeah, OP here on PS4.

I can sometimes see the explosions but not the 20% as often as they were before(and it doesn’t work with all weapons like my Shreddifier for example).

But yeah, I can sometimes see the explosion but the old familiar audio que is not there.

It’s just weird.

I love Amara and she was my first and only character but I made a different class until all this wonkiness gets sorted.

I’m not trying to playtest what skills work as advertised and with what guns. I love theory crafting but not simply testing basic functions.

Gonna try Amara a bit until it’s sorted as I love melee(Krieg and Axton main so Moze and Amara make sense).

Hope they get ■■■■ fixed soon. I’ve missed this much of the Halloween event so far because I’ve been having to test new grenades and what skills are working. Bah oh well. New games I guess. /Shrug.