Is six skill trees enough? - Wonderlands

Which you should be able to do upon unlocking TVHM. They only make you start completely new playthroughs to try different characters to pad the hours. Nothing changes in the story by picking different VHs, and there aren’t choices with meaningful consequences either.

Eh, it comes off more like if you chose Zane, picked (ex) Barrier as your permanent action skill, and then later in the game, could choose Drone, SNTNL, or MNTIS, and could only respec those.

no it doesn’t
it’s like picking zane and then also being able to get fl4ks skilltree halfway through the game and changing it out to amara later on while you have to remain zane the whole time

i agree, playing through stories can become boring and i support “adventure modes” or other ways to skip playing the story but i do not support the idea of your character not being a character but simply a stat modification tool

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It does if you equate your Wonderlands character with your Vault Hunter, your Wonderlands class (whatever they end up calling Rogue, Paladin, etc) with with VH skill trees (Hitman, Professional), and Wonderlands class branches with VH Action Skill Tree branches.

no because you can most likely always respec all skills in your skilltree
the only improvement there is compared to classic borderlands is that you can build together your vaulhunter out of 2 archetypes instead of getting a fixed one

Look at it however you like. To me, it just looks like them padding the game length with unnecessary retreading. Which is why I don’t blame people who do things like cheese themselves to max level with secondary characters. The different VH dialogue isn’t worth playing through the entire game from base level repeatedly, and never will be, no matter how they shuffle around the classes and skills, or make up different names for them.

look at it however you want
but people actually enjoy leveling up a character and seeing it evolve instead of just insta cheesing to max level and killing bosses on repeat xD


Yeah, it’s sort of fun the first time, but after that it’s just doing the same thing with slightly different VH quips while you wait for the level cap, so you can finally play with complete builds for that character, and farm items you won’t be throwing away in a 20 minutes. The VHs are barely even acknowledged in the previous games stories, so it’s not like NPCs react differently depending on who you choose.

Both are valid options. I have 20 characters in BL3, all max levels and completed the story. I didn’t cheese any of them (aside from jumping to sanctuary for around half). I enjoyed leveling them up and trying different skills and guns. Each uses a different action skill or pair of skills for Zane and a different pair of skill trees, except the last 4 which are terror focused.
The main story sucks and a lot of the times where people were just talking were annoying, but actually playing the levels was fun and I wouldn’t want to skip to endgame for my non-terror characters.
Having said that, if I want to try a different build, like with the terror characters, I’d love an option to create a new character at endgame, once I’ve reached that point, instead of replaying it all again. I farmed max level gear for them during the event, back when it was time-limited, so I had to play the whole game without terror gear for them until they were strong enough. Would have preferred to jump them to endgame and enjoy the terror gear immediately.

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I hope that some “naughty” people on PC will do so that I could select the same skilltree twice. That might be amusing. :slight_smile:

that makes no sense o.o
like 1 skill being selected twice and doubling the effect?
i think that requires more than just a bit of modding xD
i mean you can just straight up go and double the effect of any skill in the skilltree but that sounds a bit boring

all depends if they are WIDE and allow for very open specs
if they are bl 3 trees its pretty doomed

Ok, ok, ok.

Double turret Axton is already a thing!

4-hand Sal? 2 hologram Zane? Moze in a mech in a mech. Double fade away Fl4k that even player can’t see anything? Krieg holding a Krieg holding a buzzaxe? Amara with 2 balls? Maya phaselocking 2 times just to be sure?

I will dream.


4-hand zal
ur killing me XDDDDDDDDD


petition to have amaras 4th skill tree be holding a gun in all six hands


Krieg holding a krieg holding a buzzaxe is my favorite.

Each hand holding a Zane, each Zane using 2 skills. 3 Clones! 3 SNTNLs! 3 MNTIS! 3 Barriers!

Every Zane with an ASE Splash Dark Army, ASA Messy Breakup, and Mitosis Hunter-Seeker!

And Amara can just yeet a Zane, like the fastball special.


Sounds balanced to me… :thinking:


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Still not as strong as Iron Bear, needs a bigger buff

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Sounds like something that should have been a thing in Krieg’s warped mind in DLC 4. :joy: