Is +Skill Damage Ghalt viable anymore?

Just curious. I’ve done a little testing with skill damage but my general loadout of free +Sprint, Jenny Purp Syringe and Eldy Purp Attack damage just seems better.

Is the shotgun and his ability to pull peeps out of position his best strengths with traps as a fluff option every so often(Ive been using R2 for wave clear)?

I mean in the end game Ghalt does a surprising amount of skill damage. For the standard build his…

  • Ultimate - High damage if you do don’t get CC’d
  • Trap - Does 432 damage at level 2 with The Scrappening
  • Drain Chain - Does 360 damage (it actually does 300 damage last I checked)
  • Tactical Shells - Scales with skill damage

get boosted by skill damage. You can do what you want with the info, but personally after the Bola nerf, I just use an Eldrid AD, AS, and reload loadout.

His R9 helix also easily boost his Drain Chain and Tac Shells again.

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Ghalts purpose isn’t really to go after kills, but attack speed is a better option if you want higher dps.

Edit: best ghalt is cool down reduction. Hook can be lowered to around 8 to 10 sec

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I didnt know his Tactical Shells are increased by +Skill. Thanks for the info. :+1:

I generally run the Puglife so I like a little speed and Regen.

I tried + Attack Speed but didnt like it; I feel like I miss more shots, that’s why I just focus on Damage mostly.

Great info! Thanks.


If you take the reload speed at Lvl 7 with the attack speed you will go through to your tactical shells faster. Attack speed also effects Ghalt’s ultimate, allowing you to get more shots before the timer runs out.


Hmm. Thanks for the info. This gives me some things to play with.

Just recently got more into Ghalt. Mastered him b4 the Stuntrap update but played him little since.

Thanks fella!!!

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I threw this up a long time ago, if it helps any more: Ghalt: The First Battleborn; A General Guide


Hell yeah!! Great guide. Thanks for sharing all that info my fellow BB player that still plays a lot if BB. :slight_smile: