Is Slaughter Shaft mayhem 3 even possible?

So ive been busting my arse to try and complete this shaft, just to complete it. It seems it is just so damn hard even with modifiers in my favor. Im running a barrier build with maybe a SNTL if i feel like switching it up. I have a pretty good build which is maybe 70% cryo and the other 30% in hitman kill skills.

Anybody have any tips if they have soloed on mayhem 3? Im currently trying mayhem 1 or 2.

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It’s doable with Moze, spamming Recurring Hex grenades. Can’t really say if it’s doable with the others yet. I’d imagine that restarting until you get favorable Mayhem modifiers is crucial for doing it without grenade spam. A good weapon would help to, the Maliwan SMG that fires expanding lines of energy seems to be really powerful, I use it on my Moze when I’m not spamming Hex grenades because armor enemies resist Hex grenades.

Since you say you’re Cryo build Zane, probably want to get some good cryo guns like Night Hawkin and Lucian’s call if you don’t already have them, and get a Rough Rider Shield for the 100% uptime on your barrier and drone, so that you can carry a dome barrier around with you all of the time.

Yeah i have the HAwkin and Lucians Call (incendiary). Im using the maliwan SMG that rips through enemies, the one you’re talking about.

BUT…I didnt know using the rough rider will keep my dome up 100%. What skills/augments create this?

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The elemental build I have on my Amara makes it soloable very easily, especially with the weapons I use as well. Haven’t had any issues with it at all. Unless the modifier is 30% chance of reflecting bullets back…

I can solo it on my Cryo Zane, I run dome and clone, use the ice shield for additional control. It does rely on me getting the right modifiers before I attempt it though.

What good modifiers should I look out for and how is your survivability? Sounds like you run n gun. I know the reflect back is a bad one.

it’s easily doable with Moze because she’s just busted, but Amara and Fl4k are a struggle. have done evry round without going down solo on those two still, though. I can’t do slaughter shaft on M3 with Zane solo for more than 2 rounds, regardless of gear + build.

I believe you want this build or something like it:

The key to making your dome barrier and drone constant is the Calm, Cool, Collected skill. The Rough Rider Shield apparently counts as being full shields all of the time, even though you technically have no shield while using it, so the first criteria of CCC is negated. The dome barrier protects you from almost all damage while you carry it around, so the 2nd criteria is largely negated. So basically, freezing enemies always resets the duration of your dome barrier and drone action skills. Cryo drone helps to freeze enemies, and some good Cryo weapons like a Night Hawkin and Lucians Call help to freeze enemies easily as well, especially with headshots thanks to the Brain Freeze skill. There’s a good legendary Cryo grenade as well I believe.

The build basically makes Zane invincible as long as you are freezing enemies quickly, though if you fail to freeze an enemy in time to reset action skill duration, you are quite vulnerable from losing your dome barrier, so there’s a bit of risk/reward. I haven’t used it myself yet, but I hear it’s a very good build.

I Actually run this, its pretty much his cryo build, but i think of it as the bunker budies.

What works super well with this build is the Frozen Heart Shield because the clone gets a replica. So sometimes ill just drop him in a group of enemies and when they drop his shield they are all Frozen.

Also due to double Barrel working a bit odd the weapons for the pet are limited. (he uses a wierd firing pattern for no real reason)

So guns Like: Crossroad, Nemesis, Tevonator, the Hellwalker (watching him fire this thing is funny AF, and tis just better after the patch) Basically you are looking for as burst fire weapon that he plays nicely with. I still need to do allot of testing with AR/Snipers and see if there is anything in there he doesnt act like an idiot with.

I find this is very much about controlling the Slaughter Shaft, rather than going in trying to wipe everything out as quickly as possible.

Modifier wise, i always try and get +Elemental Damage and +whatever wep im using (i tend to favour the SMGH/Pistol/Shotgun, since ive done the most testing with these.

Playstyle wise, Set down your Barrier, Throw down the Clone and just go to town on things, pick up barrier and reposition when needed. works well for me, is it as fast as all the Moze,Amara one shots? not even close. But i find it fun.

Hmmm I will take all of this into consideration. Thanks for the tips guys! I’ll try out this build later tonight. I just want to feel like I’m owning, but also staying alive.

I can’t wait to see what future updates bring for Zane.

Hey guys!

I’m so happy to find this thread. I’ve been rocking Zane since Sep 13 (cause too lazy to go through story with another class) and tried like 10 builds from reddit & the streamers on Youtube. I only just found something that works nicely for me yesterday (it’s this one after all this time of trial and error… I got all the right weapons and shield after much farming (Lucian’s cryo, Artic Hawkin, Rough Rider, White Elephant +35% Cryo effect +50% Cryo damage, Hellwalker, Lasersploder, etc.)

However, with this build and equipment, still impossible to run any Circle of Slaughter on Mayhem 2 or 3, normal mode let alone TVHM.

Yes, you pick up the dome barrier, but these heavies throw AoE attacks and the shield doesn’t protect from that. I can keep my kill streak going almost 100% of the time, but there always comes a time when AoE kills me. And when I’m in FFYL, it’s just ridiculous with too many graphical effects, 5 heavies shooting rocket launchers in my face, my console’s fans rev up to 10,000 RPM and the whole thing hits the fan, it’s totally unplayable.

I’m really bummed because I love Zane and his skills, I just don’t understand what / if I’m doing something wrong…


CCC builds are an utter gimmick. The moment aoe splash rocket launcher spam and anointed show up the build falls apart because of the amount of barrier ignoring damage (teleport melee spam from annointed, radiation pool splashing from rockets) that comes in on top of bullet sponge enemies making your frozen procs to keep the cd’s going fall apart.

Zane more than anyone else is especially vulnerable to bad Mayhem modifiers because he needs to get enemies low to freeze badasses and especially annointed and the time to kill goes up with these, slowing down your kill skill train and once the gaps in barrier and drone start to happen you have a really hard time getting back to proccing CCC.

Moreover, all these CCC builds are showcased in solo play. Try going multiplayer. If your allies freeze or kill targets first, good luck resetting your cooldowns.

In multiplayer, mobs including annointed are much sturdier as well to account for amount of players, making kill skill chains and CCC procs even rarer since this stupid game does not give players who hit mobs recently credit for certain procs.

Zane has abysmal DPS and survivability without a consistent ability to proc CCC, while the other hunters have much stronger, player count independent tools.

Amara herself is just amazing in multiplayer because the annointed immunity phases are completely negated by interrupting them with Phasegrasp, and her elemental customization and tree guarantee she has the best elemental combo and enough bonuses to both overcome mayhem mods and dispatch shielded enemies without even needing to swap weapon elemental types given she can deal two elements in one.

Both Amara and Moze also heal for a metric ton, making them extremely sturdy and Amara has the best self rez in the game while Zane’s is absolute trash reliant on delaying your clone to when you think you will go down otherwise it’s likely the clone dies before you do and you can’t self rez.

fl4k is not as good at mobbing as Amara or Moze, but he takes down key targets faster than anyone else and makes bosses a total joke.

Wtf it is possible and it has been done there is video proof for it. And CCC comes with 47 other skill points and it works fine

The build you are using seems fine but I would suggest at least getting praemunitus in red tree. I do not think the health regen against frozen enemies is needed at all given salvation. But it´s nothing major so the build should not be the issue. I am using a very similar one for slaughter shaft and get through it fine… maybe it´s one of the following:

  1. Which elements do your weapons have? And try to get +50% cryo damage while SNTL is active on each of them. For anointed enemies and in general enemies with a large healthpool, a fire cutsman is amazing.

  2. Do your action skills ever run out? Should not happen on the build but if it does, its a major issue.

  3. In slaughter shaft (and the other one, forgot the name) each wave spawns at a specific predetermined location. Do you kinda bumrush it like most people do when playing the story? It is actually fairly easy to only get hit by 2-5 enemies at a time, while not losing much time at all, if you position yourself well.

  4. My laptop handles BL3 fine at all times, so maybe that a bigger issue than it seems?

CCC builds are an utter gimmick. The moment aoe splash rocket launcher spam and anointed show up the build falls apart

Just run a transformer with the CCC build and it becomes far easier to deal with badass rocket spam and potential barrier downtime.

Zane more than anyone else is especially vulnerable to bad Mayhem modifiers because he needs to get enemies low to freeze badasses and especially annointed and the time to kill goes up with these

I disagree, as long as you run guns with a high pellet count or fast fire rate (preferably both) then freezing badasses takes no time at all. You can also slow annointed by procing brain freeze which makes them easier to deal with if it’s just 1 or 2 of them and if their are multiple just use strong aoe options like a jackhammer or flakker.

Here is a video of the 5th round of Slaughterstar 3000 with -50% gun damage and -50% damage with shotguns proving Zane can handle endgame content with bad modifiers just fine.

Here are two videos I just recorded. Both are first round of Slaughterstar and Slaughter Shaft respectively, using close to the same build you are using. I struggled abit in both because my record button was overlaying my map and I was too lazy to figure out how to move it^^ I rarely record anything. Also I just played somewhat bad, especially to actually go down in the beginning of slaughter shaft. I can record a later round if you want tomorrow, but I think the videos get the point across.
The slaughterstar one show build and equip. Also modifiers were somewhat in my favor but they were just the first ones I rolled, it´s fine with neutral/1 negative modifier aswell will just take a bit longer obviously

Slaughter Shaft (just saw I did not show the modifiers in this video… I´m still inside though, so here´s a picture:


Thanks a lot for your answers, it’s really useful :slight_smile:

  • I can also run the first round of circle of slaughter, issues really come at round 2-3
  • I realize that playing with a controller on console is just a huge issue, I can’t hit the crit spots at all compared to mouse & keyboard, and the game really starts to slow with 5+ enemies on screen and all those rockets exploding in my face
  • My go to weapons are Fire/Shock Cutsman, Fire/Cryo Lucian’s call, Artic Hawkin, Fire/Cryo Crossroads, Shocking AAA, Super Frozen Ten Gallon, Influential the Butcher, Cryo/Shock Kaos, Fire/Corrosive Lasersploder
  • I’m not sure how to get anointed weapons with the right perks since I can run Circle of Slaughter which seems to be the best source for lots of good loot
  • My action skills barely ever run out, but AoE kills me instantly after a few rounds

Thanks a lot for this cool clean video, I just respec to your build and going to try it out now :slight_smile:

I play on pc but with gamepad aswell :smiley: It´s actually a laptop, so I prefer to chill on the couch^^
I recommend graveward farm, can easily cheese him with weapon switching.

I did a full run of slaughter shaft and recorded round 5 . It´s a pretty ■■■■■■ run since I tried the koos and forgot to bring my flakker instead of cutsman so I ran out of ammo :sweat_smile: I´m also just not a very good player so anyone with more skill will be able to pull this off much quicker using the same setup. At least mayhem modifiers were kinda neutral this time. Also full disclosure: it´s not TVHM. I resetted the missions to do a story playthrough and have only gotten to eden 6.

I just finished my first full run of slaughter 3000 !! Took me forever! Ran out of ammo, almost collapsed 3 times, but I did it!! Thanks so much guys!!

Switching to the transformer shield was the key for me, I also respecd to @RealCade’s build and that worked fine. That build is a little slower than what I had before but it did the trick