Is sliding considered melee?


I know slam counts as melee but does sliding? I found a Red Card with Phaseslam 200% melee anoint and it made me wonder if I could boost the sliding damage with the anointment.

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Yes it does, also Launch pad missiles also count as both melee and sliding for the purpose of Red Card

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Hol’ up… need some clarification:

Slam counts as melee damage?
Slide impact counts as melee damage?
Launch pad rocket damage counts as melee?
Launch pad missiles fire the Red Card shield?

I’ma need some peer review. If I turn on Slayer, for example, sliding into them didn’t crack them for me.

With Slayer only direct melee hits, Fishslap grenades and Facepuncher work.
Unfortunately all the other things that work with Cutpurse and Knife Drain relics do not.

But will the slide impact get boosted from the Phaseslam 200% melee anoint?

Afaik it’s not boosted by melee bonuses.

I think the slide impact is kinetic damage, where slams are area-of-effect?

I don’t think I’ve ever slid into anyone as FL4K while in Fade Away (where direct hits are critical)… wonder if a slide impact would crit? Not that this helps with the melee question at hand.

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I think I’m just gonna keep the shield and experiment with it somewhere. I feel like the moment I get rid of it someone will come in here and say “YEP YEP I found a Red Card with melee anointment and it works, I can one shot enemies by sliding into them!”

I’m not gonna take that chance.


And that is exactly why I keep running out of bank space :smiley: