Is somethig going on with Story Mode? If so, it's bad

Lately I’ve been running story mode to collect gear. Was very happy to see that it had been toned down a little and was much more approachable for new players. But today, YIKES!! The enemies seem to have increased at least three-fold.

First Renegade seemed to have three or four times the usual number at the very beginning. Just tried Void’s Edge and the beginning is ridiculous. I quit and I have a combined CR of 561; I’ve played a lot.

Has anyone else noticed this or am I mistaken. If story mode had been this difficult when I started playing, I definitely would not still be playing.

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RNG on enemies can sometimes be very brutal (Like 394958757 Ronin spawning at the beginning of the Algorithm and/or the HENCHMAN fight).

Then you have characters having been nerfed/buffed which may also change the experience on how they perform in PvE.

Then there’s the difference between Normal and Advance difficulties.

THEN there is also the difference between Solo PvE and doing missions with others (the more people the harder it’ll be/more things will spawn).


This is just regular, normal, five-man story mode and it’s totally different today than it has been all week. Hope it’s just a fluke.

Was there an optional objective active and, if so, what was it? I’ve had some particularly brutal fights where the optional objective involved two or more badass or super badass enemies and RNG rolled some extras into the general enemy pool.

Either that, or the game thought you’d intended to select Advanced difficulty, and helpfully switched it for you.

No optional objective, just trying to jump down to protect the core and an unusual number of thrall came up to stop us. Pretty hard on the 3’s and 4’s I was playing with. Was really hoping permanent adjustments had been made to story mode because I think the first few are too hard and turn people off right at the beginning.

I don’t know; I’ve always found the two you mention - Void’s Edge and Renegade - to be particularly intense during the secure the landing zone/backup power facility sections, especially with a full 5-player squad. I also find that very low level players who are running story mode missions for the first time frequently try and rush the maps, triggering all the enemy spawns in one go. Sentinel is probably the worst map for that, because one of the largest areas is the very first one, and new players are unlikely to have much gear (and even less likely to have it activated before going full Leeroy on you).


I also thought they’d made all cooldowns shorter but apparently they reverted that : -(

Haven’t noticed increased spawns though. Hmm, except on the last point on renegade, though it’s been so long since I last played that maybe I remember incorrectly. Hell of a map to complete solo though

I’ll keep trying and see if it was just a “weirdness.”

Couple of thoughts which may be way out there or too obvious; the shorter cooldowns mentioned by @reliikki are Solo only (halved cooldowns).

You mentioned being grouped with “3’s and 4’s” so I can only assume having the difficulty/mob spawns set to 5 man while you have less experienced players ‘not pulling their weight’ could feel overwhelming. E.g. 5 players can each take an Evolved thrall down comfortably in a couple seconds, but 5 of them wailing on two of you while the others shoot at the floor or something - feels completely different.


I’ve done the Renegade over 1,000 times, mostly with teams, and I know the thrall personally by now. Somehow in that match, they stayed in the pit long enough to multiply, even though none of them look female. Usually several groups of three come up to the outlook, but in that match, hordes arose!

I’m talking about the very beginning, not the big fight at the end.

I’ve been running Sentinel on advanced hardcore and I’ve had runs that seem to spawn regular enemies and then there are runs that spawn 3 brutes and bonecrushers from the get go. I’m not sure if the spawns are RNG but it’ts definitely not consistent in terms of both the enemy spawned and the level of difficulty of the enemy.

Welcome to rng hell! Yes, it happens on mob spawns too. Pray to rngesus to give you better spawns. :slight_smile:

I’ve had one day where pve was hellish and i thought they sneaked in some server side update.


I’m elated some of the PvP regulars are feeling this. :wink:


So that what this is!! I’ve been playing a couple of times solo and the cooldown was WAY shorter than usual.

Was it always like that?

I can’t remember seeing it ever as an official change, just saw someone else casually mention it the way you did! I’m assuming it happened with the Winter update, certainly wasn’t always that way.

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