Is Talon of the Hawk good for anyone besides Benedick?

Is it even possible for anyone else to meet the “airborne for more than one second” requirement?

I feel like a certain bird is gonna come to this thread and give you a nice answer. He knows all about this stuff!
Or am I wrong, @Benedict_87 ?

Edit: I can’t really think of anyone who is going to be airborne for so long. Mellka maybe?

I’m going to go with yes since I believe you can probably clear that by jumping off any low level ledge. Higher up is a given. Though I would say your Benedict’s, Melka’s, Kleese’s, Thorns, etc who have the ability to stay in the air longer than anyone else would benefit.

Jumping off of a high ledge can trigger it with any char

Well… Benedict is clearly the greatest as the team’s SUPERIOR flyer.
But I guess if you wanna play as someone else you can use it with Kleese while hovering. Or Caldarius with his fake ass jet packs. Or Mellka.

I’ve been finding with the changes in Incursion, it’s harder to activate legendaries outside of story, so I use a common shard gen, an early game uncommon to get my most needed stats up (reload speed) and then a rare or legendary for late game bonuses.

Can Melka really be airborne for more than a second? Caldarius can with his ultimate, but otherwise he doesn’t seem to be in the air for very long. Kleese could make use of it. I didn’t think of that, but his hover is so uncontrollable that I doubt that I would want to take the risk of activating it.

Caldarius has a level 5 helix mutation. Gravitic Ascent. Lets you stay in the air longer without an ult.

EDIT: Not as long as Benedict… once again… cuz… he’s the best.

SECOND EDIT: You could probably also use his level 2 mutation, Exit Strategy, to get more use out of it.

THIRD EDIT: But… once again… STILL not as good as Benedict.

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This made me laugh! I don’t doubt that it is true, but it seems ridiculous to spend 1800 shards on an item that I would have to go find a high ledge to jump off of everytime I wanted to use it!

Oh, yes, he does. That doesn’t seem to be a great option, though, either. I guess Talon of the Hawk should be left to The Hawk. Hmmm, Benedick is so special that he is the only character that gets two legendary items!

Now I just need my own theme song…
I’m thinking "Solid as a Rock."
But… instead of that… like… TA-LON OF THE HAWK!!!

STEP 1: Find that legendary.
STEP 2: Activate the legendary.
STEP 3: Sing… TA-LON OF THE HAWK!!! Every time I kill someone in their face. With rockets.


Easily. However, you’ll never be able to make much use of the legendary, because of how little time you’ll be in the air beyond, and how low your accuracy will be. That goes for every character, even Benedict (being airborne for any extended period of time with him is a deathwish). Talon of the Hawk is almost completely outclassed by Symbiotic Guantlet (AD is stronger than AS, and the tertiary buff will be greater most of the time since most of the highly mobile characters are squishy and shouldn’t be engaging at half health).

And for the characters in question, Bola’s Target Finder also outclasses Talon of the Hawk in most areas. Benedict leads with hawkeye to proc the (slightly stronger) tertiary buff (which gives bonus damage to the target from not just you, but also everyone else, and also lasts much longer). Caldy frequently is damaging with his skills. Mellka’s Venom counts as skill damage. Even just taking the knockback option for Benedict’s liftoff causes it to deal 1HP damage to nearby targets (just like Reyna’s ult, so that you get credit for the kill if you knock someone off the edge), which may count as skill damage to proc the tertiary effect.

In general, I view Talon of the Hawk as a trash-tier legendary. There are better options.

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Never said it was a good or bad legendary, just answering your question

That is my conclusion, too. It’s too bad that I got a perfect one of it, and a really crappy Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr and a crappy Bola’s.

How long does the bonus attack damage last for? Just curious. There is another bird with an EXPLOSIVE disposition that may be able to make use of this thing. :smiley:

Ow, this sounds unfortunate.

It says, “while airborne for more than 1 second.” This sounds like it gives the bonus for as long as you are in the air, after one second of being in the air. That seems like a worthless waste of 750 shards.

Gross. Thought you just had to be airborne for the triggering of the effect and it would last for some time after landing on the ground. Luckily I think I haven’t gotten this useless piece of garbage I have a max roll shadoculars tho

That could be how it works, I don’t know. I have not tried it, and I probably never will.